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The Inconnu is a fictional sect[1] of vampires in the World of Darkness, the setting of White Wolf's role-playing game Vampire: The Masquerade.

Supposedly the oldest known sect, the origin, goals and even very existence of the sect are largely unknown to the supernatural population at large. The inconnu has been linked variously to Infernalism, Golconda, Saulot and a host of other conspiracies. Several cities in the World of Darkness have Inconnu monitors, mysterious elder vampires who do little, other than watch the events of their chosen city.

The official storyline for V:TM ended before much was revealed regarding the Inconnu. They were the last secret left unanswered. The Inconnu were elders (Methuselahs) who wished to withdraw from Kindred politics (the Jyhad)[2], kindred seeking Golconda, and hunted clans and bloodlines like the Salubri.



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