India Napier
Duration 2009-
First appearance 23 June 2009
Episode 5717
Nickname(s) Tadpole by Bridget Napier and Declan Napier
Gender Female
Residence 26 Ramsay Street,

India Napier is a fictional character in the Australian soap opera Neighbours. India is the daughter of Declan Napier and Bridget Napier she is portrayed by twin child actors Alia & Gab Devercelli.

Music Festival and Birth Edit

When Bridget's labour progresses quickly and no ambulances are available for her evacuation, she faces giving birth straight away and without Declan. Declan finally arrives and with the assistance of Trisha the St. John's Ambulance Officer and medical advice from Karl over the phone. Bridget sees through the labour until complications with the umbilical cord threaten India's life.

Coming Home Edit

When Bridget and Declan bring their baby home, they start to have trouble getting her asleep. They couldn't decide on a name, until Bridget starts talking to the baby about all the countries they are going to visit. When Bridget names India, Declan thinks that India would be the best name for the baby.

Paternal Line Edit

Maternal Line Edit

  • Joanna Hale (grand-mother) Unknown husband (grand-father,deceased)
    • Josie Hale (aunt)
    • Clara Hale (aunt)
    • Riley Parker (uncle) Unknown Partner
    • Unborn Daughter (cousin)
    • Bridget Parker (mother,deceased), married to Declan Napier (father)
      • India Napier

Adopted Maternal Line Edit

Parker Family

  • Gary Fuller (adopted great-grand-father,deceased), Kitty Parker (adopted great-grandmother), Jim Parker (adopted great-grand-father), Yvonne West (adopted great-grand-mother), Michael West (adopted great-grand-father)
  • Donna Freedman (god-mother)married to Ringo Brown (god-father,deceased)

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