The "Intro" to KKKiller: The Prequel EP is a straightforward racist rap track by Moon Man.

Lyrics Edit

Step back You will get your ass cracked Stabbed and shot I'm the Moonman right on spot

I got my flamethrower and it's hot Ready to burn down a couple of jews and coons Burning your house down right now Pulling the trigger, click click pow

Don't worry Aryans, the Moon is back Talking smack, smoking crack And killing blacks KKK, KKK

Ready to take you down faggots any day Capping you down with my AK Making your poor black ass pay for the KKK Spraying you away

White pride worldwide Fuck gay pride I swear you sjws and feminists say the stupidest shit And the evidence is that you are telling me air conditioning is racist

You fucking cows gotta admit it The fact that you like a huge black cock Shoved in your ass Nah fuck that

I will fuck a feminazi with no rubber Come inside her and chop off her clit And slit her wrists Fucking bitch think that everything is sexist

That's what you get when you miss with the wrong Moon, bitch And by the way For old time's sake Suck my dick

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