The "Introduction" to KKKiller is a remix of an as yet unknown song, in which Moon Man rants about niggers, jews, and sjws, gives shoutouts to Triple K Productions, and threatens Haseeb2.

Lyrics Edit

Yo, this is the intro Welcome, welcome to WhiteTopia motherfuckers Triple K Productions Curtains up Bitches gimme a dick suck Oh yeah that's fucking good Alright let's go

Hello im the motherfucking Moon Who kills coons during the afternoon You gonna die soon 'cause I'm your motherfucking doom I kill jews for the Nazi crew Im the one who will kill Haseeb2 I will bring the blues to the sjws They wanna teach kids dumb things in schools I will fuck a feminist in my room Kill that whore after Five Nights at Freddy fans are fucking cancer They won't have friends no matter what But seriously who gives a fuck We cared about sjws And the result is, our education system is fucked I will make sequel to the Holocaust That is what the jews will get as a reward The only bus stop for them is Auschwitz And bring a noose to the negroes I will kill all the colored "people" 'Cause KKK is what I represent Vote 5 faggots and make me a president This album is owned by Triple K Productions How is that for an introduction?

Oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah, oh yeah...

2016 (twenty sixt--)

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