The "Introduction" to The White Album: Part 1 consists of two parts. In the first part, OG DankSwank calls Moon Man and leaves him a message revealing that Moon Man's girlfriend (possibly Audrina Patridge but also possibly another woman) has been cheating on him with OG DankSwank. In the second part, Moon Man gets on the mic over a beat (the instrumental to "Living Proof" by Bad Meets Evil) and disses OG DankSwank, explaining that he doesn't give a fuck if his girlfriend sleeps around, because he likes sluts. Audrina Patridge also drops a few lines on this song that express pro-Moon Man sentiment, suggesting that the girlfriend in question is someone other than Audrina herself.

Lyrics Edit

[phone ringing] I am sorry, but I am not here t--[beeps] [Answering Machine] Record your message after the tone[beep] [OG DankSwank] Um, hello. Listen, Moon Man, you probably heard about the speculation that your girlfriend was cheating on you. Well, that is true. She was cheating on you with me. I've been trying to call you for the past few weeks, but you've never responded, so I am hoping this will get your attention. If it'll make you feel better, I can get that hussy killed like the fucking slut she is. But I dunno. Call me back.

Is this mic working or not? Moon Man is

[Audrina] Back

Alright Coming out of WhiteTopia and White AmeriKKKa Place the niggers you want me to kill in numerical order New World Order, Fourth Reich rises Faster than mexicans over the border But now I'm recalling, my team, no one else is on it But no one can stop it 'Cause when I pop it and drop it You suckas are too busy knocked off of fucking marijuana That you can't see that my reign has only begun  And you're about to be gunned, so you better run Fucked your mom and had her beat my meat When I came, I gave her a vanilla treat That's why sperm is white, because Whites are what keep people alive But only if they're White So when you see me in the club, drop your knife Because my deadly movement may give you a fright

 [Audrina] The new album, bitches Pure White Album, bitch DJ Spyro, I want to suck your fat juicy cock

This is Moon Man proudly bringing you The White Album KKK, KKK, KKK, KKK, KK, KK

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