This article pertains to the anime and manga series InuYasha and is a list of some of the yōkai (demons) who appear in the series. Some others appear in InuYasha characters and List of minor InuYasha characters.


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  • Abi-hime (Princess Abi) - Species: Bird yōkai. Group: None. A humanoid bird demon, Princess Abi controls bird demons with which she uses to collect blood to save her mother, a giant flaming predatory bird from hell. Naraku uses Abi-hime and her mother to open a temporary path to nether world.
  • Ah-Un - Species: ryu (dragon) Group: Sesshomaru's group. Ah-Un is a flying, two-headed pet horse-like dragon that follows Sesshomaru. After Rin joins them, she often accompanies Ah-Un. The right head is Ah and the left head is Un.
  • Akago - Species: Human shaped yōkai Group: Naraku's group. This baby yōkai can read minds and has no yōki presence (due to the Fyōheki stone). He is Naraku's heart. Later cut in half by a monk named Master Shinen.
  • Ayame - Species: okuri-ookami (wolf yōkai). Group: Wolf's tribe. Ayame is an anime only character. Koga promised to marry her when she was little in order to reassure her, but as he currently loves Kagome he has denied recalling his promise.


  • Birds of Paradise (Gokurakucho) - Species: Bird yōkai Group: Birds of paradise group. They have humanoid upper bodies and their lower bodies are large feathery spheres with talons and a monstrous face. These yōkai were at war with the wolf yōkai. Their leader, a bird-demon twice the size of others due to the power of a shikon jewel fragment in its mouth, pursued Koga to gain (albeit briefly) the shard embedded in his arm. The entire group was killed by InuYasha's and Koga's group.
  • Bokusen'on - Species: Tree yōkai. One of Inu no Taishou's old friends. It was from his branches that the sheaths for Tessaiga and Tenseiga were created. He holds knowledge about the effects that the yōkai blood has on the hanyō InuYasha and also knows of the power to control that blood hidden within the Tessaiga.


  • Mistress Centipede (Mukade Jōrō) - Species: Omukade. Group: None. The first yōkai that appears in the series. When Kagome approaches the bone-eater's well, Mistress Centipede's bones are resurrected and she emerges from the well and drags Kagome Higurashi into the Sengoku era for the first time. Mistress Centipede originally found and swallowed the Shikon Jewel after it was forced from Midoriko's body, but was killed by demon slayers led by Sango's grandfather, Shako and her bones put into the well (this was before InuYasha was sealed). The jewel was cremated along with Kikyo and re-created as part of Kagome when Kikyo was re-incarnated as Kagome. However, Mistress Centipede's body was revived by the proximity of the Shikon Jewel. Before she is killed (again) by InuYasha, she bites Kagome, revealing the jewel and separating it from Kagome's body.
  • Chokyuukai - Species: Pig yōkai. Group: None. A pig demon (he always claims to be a boar demon, but is never listened to) who travels through a tornado and captures females to be his brides. In episode 129 Chokyukai and the Abducted Bride, he captured Kagome and battled InuYasha before being hit by one of Kagome's arrows. He eventually got away. He had two lackeys: Son Goku, a monkey demon, and Sa Gojyo, a kappa. This is somewhat a tribute to (or a parody of) Journey to the West as they are descendants of the three main demons. It could also be a reference to the anime/manga series Saiyuki which is based off of Journey to the West. Saiyuki, which was adapted into a three-part anime series, Saiyuki, Saiyuki Reload, and Saiyuki Gunlock, features the kappa, Sa Gojyo and monkey Son Goku. Made a cameo appearance in episode 143.


  • Entei - Species: Horse yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. A demonic yōkai who only obeys the strongest yōkai, in this case, Hakudoushi. He was killed by InuYasha and Kirara when trapped in a cave.


  • Four War Gods - Species: Yōkai. Group: Four War Gods. Exclusive to the fourth movie.


  • Gamamaru - Moth yōkai. Gamamaru is from the same clan of Moth Demons as Gatenmaru, but is not at all eager to avenge him. He, like all the others in his clan, thought Gatenmaru was a disgrace to their tribe who deserved to die (because he lived as the leader of a some human bandits). He attacked InuYasha's group simply because they entered his territory, an illusory forest he created to trap victims. He was a much more powerful demon than his brother Gatenmaru, trapping all of InuYasha's companions in cocoons and sucking their fears through nightmares while turning them into moth demons. While taking InuYasha head on and rubbing InuYasha's fear of being alone in his face. Nevertheless, he was killed and InuYasha's appearance in his friends dreams saved them from becoming moth demons.
  • Gatenmaru - Moth Demon. Leader of a group of bandits. He was killed by InuYasha when InuYasha's demon blood awakened.
  • Ginta - Species: okuri-ookami (wolf yōkai). Group: Koga's group. Ginta is one of the last survivors of the yōkai wolf tribe. He has black and light gray hair and is usually seen with Hakkaku. Voiced by Hiroyuki Yoshino.
  • Goshinki - Species: oni. Group: Naraku's group. Goshinki has the ability to read minds, and could anticipate every movement of InuYasha. He was also very large, strong and amazingly fast. He is one of Naraku's incarnations, and as such has a spider-tattoo on his back, like Kagura. When Goshinki broke Tessaiga, InuYasha turned into a full demon for the first time. He was killed by the transformed InuYasha, and his teeth were used to forge Sesshomaru's sword Tōkijin.


  • Hachi (Hachiemōn) - Species: tanuki. Group: InuYasha's group. Hachi is Miroku's old friend. Like Shippo, he can use leaves to transform into the shape of a variety of objects, including humans. His most commonly seen transformation is that of a giant yellow floating pillow, used for traveling over great distances.
  • Hakkaku - Species: okuri-ookami (wolf yōkai). Group: Koga's group. Hakakku is one of the last survivors of the yōkai wolf tribe. Hakkaku has a mohawk hairstyle and is usually with Ginta. Name means detection. Voiced by Daisuke Kishio.
  • Hakudōshi - Species: Human shape yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. Hakudōshi was born from Akago's body and that makes Hakudōshi younger than his other half, but they have the same abilities. He tamed Entei by killing his old master.
  • Hari - Species: Human Shape yōkai. Group: Menomaru's Group. Exclusive to the first movie, wields two scimitar swords. Using her special symbol she was able to control Kirara and later under Menomaru's order placed Kagome under their control as well with the help of a Sacred Jewel fragment. In the end Sango got through to Kirara and together with Kirara, Sango was able to use her Hiraikotsu to kill Hari.
  • Hiten - Species: Thunder yōkai. Group: Thunder Clan. Hiten killed Shippo's father, and InuYasha killed him to get the fragments he had on his forehead. Handsome and ruthless. His brother is Manten.
  • Hosenki (Hōsenki) - Species: Oyster daiyōkai. Group: None. Hosenki created InuYasha's black pearl (kuroshinju), which can be used only once to travel to the boundary between this world and the next to reach his father's grave. When he died and InuYasha's group meets him in the other world, he was corrupted by a dark fragment due to Naraku's influence on the rest of the Shikon Jewel. When it was removed and he became good again, he taught InuYasha a new attack with the Tessaiga: the Kongōsōha or Adamant Barrage.
  • Hoshiyomi - Species: Human Shape daiyōkai. Group: None. Hoshiyomi, the ninja yōkai, is known for having wielded the Naginata of Kenkon, a sword comprised of both the Ken and Kon blades. This sword was forged by Kaijinbō for Hoshiyomi. Hoshiyomi, before acquiring the sword, fought alongside his human love, Tsukiyomi, against all the forces of evil. After acquiring the blade Tsukiyomi sealed Hoshiyomi away, with the intention of freeing him after dealing with the vile blade, because it possessed him with an evil side. She was killed before she could free her love and, decades later, he is freed and plans to take vengeance on humanity, by killing them all, for Tsukiyomi's betrayal. After reacquiring the Naginata, Hoshiyomi planned to begin his terror, only to be killed by InuYasha's Tessaiga's Bakuryūha and Kagome's sacred arrow (the Naginata of Kenkon is destroyed along with him). The upside to Hoshiyomi's death is that he is reunited with Tsukiyomi, having learned her true intent only moments before his death.


  • Inu no Taishou (no name has officially been given; "Inu no Taishou" is the title by which characters such as Myōga and Tōtōsai refer to him) - Species: Akita Inu-DaiYōkai. Group: Inu no Taishou's Grand Yōkai Army. He is the father of Sesshomaru and InuYasha. He was one of the most powerful yōkai that ever lived and had compassion for humans. He was mortally wounded in a duel with Ryūkotsusei and died soon after. In the third movie, he subsequently saves InuYasha's mother Izayoi and newborn InuYasha, risking his life. He died after a battle with Setsuna no Takemaru, the young general of a castle where Izayoi was dwelling, in a fire 200 years before InuYasha's group began to search for the Shikon shards.
  • InuYasha - Species:Hanyō. Group: InuYasha's group. He is the title character. He is in love with both Kagome and Kikyo. His mother was Izayoi, a human woman.


  • Jaken - Species: Imp. Group: Sesshomaru's group. This comical yōkai who follows Sesshomaru wherever he goes. In the anime, Jaken was once the leader of his village and left to serve Sesshomaru as a repayment for Sesshomaru defeating a yōkai in the village. He tries to please Sesshomaru as much as he can but usually is disregarded by the dispassionate Sesshomaru. Jaken is very intelligent and knowledgeable about yōkai and other matters.
  • Jinenji - Species: Horse hanyō. Group: None. Jinenji was abused by the villagers. He defeated a big yōkai and proved his value to the people who hated him. He takes care of a vegetable garden with medicinal plants. He also lives with his heavily protective mother, who was abused with him.
  • Juromaru (Jūrōmaru) - Species: Human shape yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. One of Naraku's detachments who was hard to control even for Naraku. Slain after the encounter with Koga and InuYasha.


  • Kagura - Species: Wind yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. Naraku created Kagura from the wind and a part of him, and held her heart in his hand, in case she betrayed him. Kagura killed many of Koga's kin and attacked InuYasha's group many times. After Naraku used Kagura in order to test InuYasha's new attack, Kaze no Kizu on, she secretly plotted to kill him. She falls in love with Sesshomaru and believed that he could free her from Naraku. Eventually she was tricked by Naraku and died of his poison, not even the Tenseiga could save her.
  • Kaguya (Princess Kaguya) - Species: Human-Shape yōkai. Group: None. Based on the classic Japanese folk tale, Kaguya-hime no Monogatari. Exclusive to the second movie. Like Naraku she absorbs yōkai and absorbed the real Kaguya to gain immortality. Kaguya's mirror was found by Kagura and Kanna who gathered the items to break the seal and then she took back her Celestial Robe from Hojo Akitoki. She was long ago defeated and sealed in her mirror by Miroku's grandfather, but he didn't suck her up with his Kazaana due to his perverted habits because she was beautiful, or possibly because the curse hadn't yet been laid on him at the time. 'Kaguya's plan to freeze time was thwarted because Kagome or any thing from modern times (such as bandages or band-aids) that were brought by Kagome are immune to the effects. Naraku faked his death by hiding in Kohaku's body so he could claim Kaguya's power for himself. Kaguya's power is so immense that she could reflect InuYasha's Bakuryūha. In the end Kagome used Miroku's staff as an arrow which broke her mirror allowing the Bakuryūha to kill Kaguya's physical body and then her spirit was sucked in by Miroku's Kazaana.
  • Kagerōmaru - Species: kamaitachi. Group: Naraku's group. Kagerōmaru, the "master" of Juromaru, can move freely underground and move lightning fast. However, Koga was faster. They were no match for the combined strength of InuYasha and Koga as he and Juromaru was both eliminated by Tessaiga's Wind Scar attack.
  • Kaijinbō - Species: Swordsmith yōkai. Group: None. He was Tōtōsai's student, and makes evil swords. He forged Sesshomaru's sword, Tōkijin.
  • Kanna - Species: Mirror/Void yōkai Group: Naraku's group. This yōkai whose appearance is that of a little girl dressed all in white with no facial expressions at all. She has a mirror which can deflect most yōki attacks, stealing the souls of humans, and can act like a crystal ball in seeing events that are happening afar. She is very loyal to Naraku even though she knows that Naraku is using them in doing his dirty work.
  • Kaou: Kaou the flower master is a minor villain that InuYasha and the group faced after Kikyo's death. Kaou is able to take away ones sorrow. In exchange, he slowly absorbs that person's life and adds it to his own. He also has the unique ability to read people's sorrows, which he used to tease and torment both InuYasha and Kagome about Kikyo being InuYasha's true love and that InuYasha wanted to die to be with Kikyo. He also briefly teased Sango about Kohaku and Miroku about the poison in his body.
  • Karan - Species: Panther demon, or fire cat, yōkai. Group: Panther demon, or fire cat, tribe. A member of the panther demon tribe who seek to resurrect their master and exact revenge for his defeat against InuYasha and Sesshomaru, the sons of the demon who sealed their master in the first place. Her elemental affinity is fire. She usually erects a fire around her body to act as shield, throws 'fire balls' (one her attacks) that incinerates her opponents, and creates fire around her enemies as an entrapment.
  • Kinka and Ginka: A pair of demon brothers who were twins conjoined by their tails and the only way for them to be separated was if one of them died. Using their powers of fire and lightning, they constantly fought, but neither of them ever won. Mōryōmaru intended to absorb them in order to make his armored shell invulnerable. Before they died, the brothers repented their contempt of each other, which got both of them killed. Mōryōmaru was able to absorb Ginka, but Kinka gave up the rest of his life force in order to aid InuYasha. Even though it was temporary, InuYasha was able to use this new power to hurt Mōryōmaru, who was shocked to discover that the fire power that Kinka gave InuYasha reacted with the lightning power that he absorbed with Ginka. This power almost killed him and shattered Akago's barrier, forcing him to retreat and expel the deceased Ginka from his body.
  • Kirara - Species: Nekomata. Group: InuYasha's group. Sango was present with Kirara by her father when she was little. Kirara has two forms: a little cat and a big, flying, fiery cat. She transports Sango and Miroku while Kagome and Shippo usually travel on InuYasha's shoulders. It is hinted in the anime that she is was once the companion of the legendary miko Midoriko.
  • Koga (Kōga) - Species: okuri-ookami (wolf yōkai). Group: Koga's group. Koga is the prince of the yōkai wolf tribe. He used Kagome to defeat the birds of paradise. He has a shard of the Shikon jewel in each leg, but Kagome does not let InuYasha take them, because Koga has fallen in love with her. In a fight against Kagura, all his friends died except Ginta and Hakkaku; and now he seeks revenge by trying to kill Naraku.
  • Koryu - A dragon yōkai. He is an assistant to Souten, and helps her with plans to get Shippo and InuYasha's gang. He is smarter than Souten, because he is the one who got all of the gang's weakness info. Like Shippo, he can transform his body. Exclusive to the anime.
  • Koyuki - Species: Yuki-onna. Group: None. Taking on the appearance of a beautiful woman, Koyuki is actually a yuki-onna (snow woman) who saved Miroku during a snowstorm in his youth; many years later, she tricks Miroku into believing he is the father of her many children. In truth, she was a lonely woman who died and whose spirit was possessed by a demon. Miroku and Sango destroy the demonic presence that held her spirit in the world of the living and Koyuki is able to move on. Exclusive to the anime.
  • Kumo Gashira - Species: Oogumo. Group: None. Terrorized a mountain village in an attempt to draw out InuYasha and Kagome and steal their jewel shards. Despite an untimely transformation into human form by InuYasha, this yōkai was ultimately slain after InuYasha regained his yōkai power.
  • Kuroro - Species: Nekomata. Group: None. Kuroro, who looks almost identical to Kirara. Kuroro first appears in episode 91. Whether or not she can also transform into a larger form is unknown. She and her cubs were saved by InuYasha's group. Exclusive to the anime.


  • Magatsuhi - Species: yokai Group: Naraku Magatsuhi is Naraku's newest detachment and was born from the Shikon no Tama. He sought to kill Kohaku and ends up battling Sesshomaru in the process.
  • Manten - Species: Thunder yōkai. Group: Thunder Clan. Manten is Hiten's younger brother. Unlike Hiten, he is homely and balding and very disturbed by it. He believes he can become handsome by applying a hair potion which includes Kagome as one of the ingredients. He was extremely upset that he lost the last three hairs on the top of his head in the fighting. He used Shippo's father's fur as a belt. InuYasha killed him while Manten was trying to kill Kagome and Shippo.
  • Medicine vendor - Species: Insect yōkai. Group: None. This strange mosquito yōkai appeared on a manga filler. He was cursed to take the form of a handsome man and to attract cute girls and thus suck their blood. When he hypnotized Sango and was almost "kissing" her, Miroku appears and beats him up. The yōkai only wanted to suck her blood so Sango let him do it and he returned to his mosquito form.
  • Menomaru - Species: Moth yōkai. Group: Menomaru's group. The main villain from the first movie. Came from the continent with his father Hyoga over 200 years ago, but his father was sealed away by InuYasha's father. Used Kagome to trick InuYasha into breaking the seal, so he could merge with his father's remains and become the new Hyoga. He even went as far as controlling Kagome to try to kill InuYasha with the symbol Hari placed on Kagome. But in the end Menomaru was slain by a combination attack of InuYasha's Bakuryuha and Kagome's Hama no Ya.
  • Momo (MōMō) - Species: Cow yōkai. Group: Tōtōsai group. This bizarre three eyed, flying cow is Tōtōsai's transport.
  • Myōga - Species: Flea yōkai. Group: InuYasha's group. He was the servant of InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father, and now helps InuYasha from time to time with crucial information. However, he's nowhere to be found when any sort of danger approaches. A common joke in Inu-Yasha's group is that when ever Myoga is around there is no danger in the area He also bears a resemblance to the Ranma ½ character Happosai.
  • Mōryōmaru - Species: Huge monster yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. Naraku's heart, and actually his strongest minion.
  • Muonna - Species: noppera-bō. Group: None. She is a yōkai made up of the souls of all the mothers who lost their children to war. Her name means "nothing woman," and is translated to "unmother" in the English dub. Sesshomaru ordered her to take Izayoi's form to look into InuYasha's heart to find information on the location of their father's grave, but her instinct to protect children caused her to sacrifice herself protecting InuYasha.
  • Muotoko - Species: noppera-bō. Group: None. The "nothing man," like the muonna, is a yōkai made up of the men who lost their farms and homes in war. Jaken commanded him to steal the Tessaiga from InuYasha, but the slow-witted muotoko picked the pockets of the group instead. When he did finally attempt to take the Tessaiga, he was repelled by its barrier and scolded by InuYasha and friends, who let him go his own way after he promised not to steal any more. Exclusive to the anime.


  • Naraku - Species: Human shape hanyō. Group: Naraku's group. He is the main villain of the series who will do anything in order to possess shards of the Shikon no Tama and complete it. He is responsible (usually thru his agents) for most of the bloodshed in the series. Due to his greed for the Shikon no Tama and the feelings that his former self, Onigumo, had for Kikyo, he set a trap for Kikyo and InuYasha, which resulted in Kikyo's death. He is also responsible for the deaths of Sango's Yōkai Taijiya kin and Koga's wolf tribe. In addition, he cursed Miroku's persistent grandfather and his progeny with the wind tunnel, and also committed other nefarious acts. He has also crossed Sesshomaru more than once in bids to gain his yōkai power or otherwise manipulate him (although, during their first encounter, Sesshomaru knew that Naraku was using him, but agreed anyway). Hence, all groups of characters currently wish him destroyed.
  • Naraku's low-level yōkai - Species: General yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. Naraku can release infinite lesser yōkai from his body. Even Shippo can beat them, but they often appear in huge numbers and very bothersome to deal with.
  • Noh Mask - Species: Noh mask. Group: None. This yōkai appeared in Kagome's time. It is a Noh mask which was carved from the wood of a tree in which a Shikon fragment was embedded; the power of the jewel fragment turned the mask into a yōkai which craved a body of its own. It attached to the faces of living humans, but their bodies quickly decomposed, causing the mask to absorb more and more people into a growing blob of decomposing matter. InuYasha broke the mask and retrieved its shard after it attacked Kagome.
  • Nanafushi-Species: Mantis Yokai. Group: None. A large mantis demon that invaded the peaceful sancturary of the lynx tribe. Bunza seeks help at Tōtōsai's and meets InuYasha, who breaks Nanafushi's barrier and kills the demon, leading the lynx tribe back into their homeland.


  • Rengokuki - Species: Unknown. Group: None. Rengokuki is a yōkai that Entei chose to be his rider. They caused havoc together before being sealed away by Master Shinsen. Once Entei was freed, it sought out it's master. Rengokuki is killed by Naraku's servant Hakudoshi who appeared at that location.
  • Ruri - Species: Moth yōkai. Group: Menomaru's group. Exclusive to the first movie, she wields a snake that has taken the form of a halberd spear. She was able to use her special power to copy Miroku's kazaana, but her fatal mistake was in her final battle against Miroku when she expanded her Kazaana to try to overpower Miroku. As a result it became too wide, causing Ruri to get sucked in.
  • Royakan - Species: Hellhound yōkai Group: InuTaisho's ally, Naraku's group. Royakan is described by Kaede as being a gentle demon that resides in the forest near the village and acts as its keeper; alternatively, he is described as a vicious demon from Hell. His only demon power, aside from his brute strength, is the ability to spew live wolves from his mouth to attack his enemies. Once an ally of InuYasha's father, Royakan fought alongside the great dog demon in the war with the panther demon tribe. Many years after the battle, Naraku approaches Royakan and gives him some shards of the Shikon jewel, which he uses to corrupt him and make him more powerful. Naraku then sends the empowered Royakan to fight InuYasha while he was still recovering from his wounds from his battle with Sesshomaru. He is eventually defeated by InuYasha after he throws an entire tree into his mouth. Royakan later appears in episodes 75-77, now free of Naraku's control and back to his original self, when InuYasha and Sesshomaru fight against the panther demon tribe. He plays somewhat of a minor role during this story arc, in which he attempts to ally himself with Sesshomaru once again, but goes with Koga's group instead after being turned down. Despite his strong desire to fight the panther demons, however, a shock from one of Shuuran's lightning attacks renders him unconscious for the remainder of the battle.
  • Ryūkotsusei - Species: Ryu (dragon) Daiyōkai. Group: None. Ryukossei fought InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father, causing the injuries that, according to Myōga, lead to their father's death before the yōkai was sealed by one of his claws. Later, he was awakened by Naraku and killed by InuYasha.


  • Saimyōshō- Species: Wasp yōkai. Group: Naraku's group. Wasps from hell used by Naraku usually to prevent Miroku from using his Kazaana (Wind Tunnel) as these wasps are one of the few things the Kazaana cannot absorb without hurting Miroku. They are also Naraku's eyes outside his castle. What they see is shown to Naraku through Kanna's mirror.
  • Sesshomaru (Sesshōmaru) - Species: Inugami Akita inu Daiyōkai. Group: Sesshomaru's group. He is InuYasha's half brother and despises InuYasha for being a hanyo and wielding Tessaiga. However, there are signs that his attitude changed after meeting Rin and Kagura.
  • Sesshomaru's Mother - Species: Inugami Akita inu Daiyōkai. Group: Inu no Taishou's Group. The mother of Sesshoumaru was shown to be alive in manga volume 47 (far after the end of the anime). Out of her son's life for years, Sessmomaru seeks her out in order to increase his sword's power. It is unknown as to whether or not her relationship with Inu no Taishou had ended when he sired a shild with his human lover, Izayo.i
  • Shibugarasu - Species: Crow yōkai. Group: None. This crow swallowed the Jewel of Four Souls (Shikon no Tama), also known as Shikon Jewel, at the beginning of the series. Kagome destroyed it with her purifying arrow, but in the process the Shikon Jewel was shattered and scattered across the land of Japan. In the English version, it's known as a "Carrion Crow".
  • Shiori - Species: Ogre-bat hanyō. Group: None. This half human, half ogre-bat hanyō is a little kid who has the power of creating strong barriers. She gave InuYasha an orb that once Tessaiga has absorbed the essence of the orb, it gains the power to break most barriers (red Tessaiga).
  • Shinidamachū - Species: Bug yōkai. Group: Kikyo's group. These long yōkai where used by Kikyo to gather the souls of the dead to support her, who was brought back to "life" and needed souls to survive.
  • Shippo (Shippō) - Species: kitsune. Group: InuYasha's group. His father was killed by the Thunder Brothers. InuYasha and Kagome avenged him, and now he now tags along the group. Shippo is a very weak demon as he is a fox demon that specializes in the use of tricks and creating false illusions.
  • Shouga (Shōga) - Species: Flea Yōkai. Group: None. A female flea yōkai who is engaged to Myōga. She appears in the filler episode which is made just for laughs. She also possesses a slight similarity to Cologne from Ranma 1/2.
  • Shunran - Species: Panther demon, or fire cat, yōkai. Group: Panther demon, or fire cat, tribe. Shunran is a member of the panther demon tribe who hopes to resurrect their sealed master. She is capable of creating illusions with flower petals. Her 'petals' also make her enemies faint.
  • Shuuran (Shūran) - Species: Panther demon, or fire cat, yōkai. Group: Panther demon, or fire cat, tribe. The only male member of the panther tribe seeking to resurrect their master, Shuuran is the brute force within the group. His elemental affinity is lightning and electricity. He just releases rapid lightning bolts at his opponents from his fingertips or creates a blinding light.
  • Souten (Sōten) - Species: Thunder yōkai. Group: Thunder Clan. This filler episode character is Hiten's and Manten's younger sister. She kidnaps Shippo to fight him for revenge (or so he thinks at first), but the battle ends in a tie. When Shippo discovers she is only a girl he was greatly depressed that he wasted so much time on a nevertheless very funny encounter with another yōkai kid. In addition to receiving the crayons Shippo and she fought over (he gives them to her), the little demon girl develops a crush on Shippo and draws an older version of him.


  • Tatarimokke - Species: Big monster yōkai. Group: None. This Soul Piper yōkai plays with the souls of dead children while they linger in this world, playing music for them on its flute. If a child's soul becomes hateful and malicious, the tatarimokke's eyes open and the soul is dragged to hell. Aside from the unnatural Noh Mask, the tatarimokke is the only yōkai to appear in the present without traveling through the well.
  • Tekkei - Species: Basan. Group: None. The mother of the demonic Princess Abi, Tekkei is an enormous bird demon from Hell. Because she is ill, Abi accepts the assistance of Naraku to gather blood for Tekkei's recovery. While overconfident and powerful, Tekkei is more perceptive and less rash than her daughter. She meets her downfall when she swallows Naraku to defeat him, only for Naraku to destroy her from within and use her body in order to enter the Netherworld to find the final Shikon Jewel shard.
  • Toran - Species: Panther demon, or fire cat, yōkai. Group: Panther demon, or fire cat, tribe. Toran is the leader of the panther demon tribe, also known as the fire cat tribe, who fought previously against Sesshomaru's and InuYasha's father in a fierce battle for territory. They return, seeking to resurrect their master, (a huge cat demon yōkai defeated in that battle) and fight the "sons of the dog demon". The panther tribe each possess an elemental power of some sort -- Toran's is that of ice (freezing water, producing snowblinds). She also creates an ice spear that freezes anythinhg in contact, releases an icy wind that contains her demonic energy and ice crystals. She also has a particular affinity for personally challenging Sesshomaru.
  • Tōtōsai - Species: Swordsmith yōkai. Group: Tōtōsai's group. Tōtōsai is a fire-breathing swordsmith. He crafted both Tessaiga and Tenseiga from the fangs of InuYasha and Sesshomaru's father. He is a strong but cowardly yōkai.
  • Tsukumo no Gama (Toad of Tsukumo), also known as the Toad Demon - Species: Toad yōkai. Group: None. Known as the Toad Demon in the English anime. Possessed a young lord, captured young girls to use their souls to strengthen his power. Kagome using her hairspray with a candle was able to drive Tsukumo no Gama's sprit from the young lords body since toads do not like heat. InuYasha then finished his spirit off with the Tessaiga.


  • Urasue - Species: ogress (oni). Group: None. Urasue resurrected Kikyo using her ashes and bones. Was killed by her just after the priestess recovered her soul from Kagome.


  • Yura of the Hair - Species: Hair comb yōkai. Group: None. It was InuYasha's first strong opponent in the series. She controlled the villagers with her hair, and caused lots of trouble to InuYasha and Kagome, even sending her hair to follow Kagome to the modern times through the bone-eaters well. Yura appeared completely invulnerable - no matter what InuYasha did to her, like tear her heart out, she wasn't affected. The reason for this turned out to be that her soul was in a comb, and the comb disguised as a red skull. Unfortunately for her, her hands were connected to the comb by hair strands, allowing Kagome to locate the comb and break it, resulting in Yura turning to dust.
Yura of the hair appears in episode 3, Down the Rabbit Hole and Back Again, and episode 4, Yura of the Demon-Hair. She is the third villain that Kagome and InuYasha come across. She uses hair like puppet strings to control the women of Kaede's village in an attempt to get Shikon Jewel shards. She lives in a giant hair ball with thousands of skulls. She can be physically injured but will feel no pain, and uses her hair to control her body part severed from her by InuYasha.
Yura of the hair, in addition to being able to control hair, has a sword, Crimson Mist which cuts flesh and bone but not hair. She is dead-set on removing InuYasha's "beautiful silver hair" from his head...and his head with it, as she usually beheads people with her hair to get theirs.
Yura also has a resemblance to Nabiki Tendo from Ranma 1/2 (by the same author). Also her voice in the japanese sub sounds very reminisent of Akane Tendo's from the Anime Ranma 1/2.


  • Zushi nezumi - Species: Rat demons (yōkai). Group: Naraku's group. Supporting Hakudoushi, Kohaku decapitated a giant rat demon (leader of the rat demons) to protect Hakudoushi and to steal a shrine. Hakudoshi was acting under Naraku's orders to flush Kikyo out of hiding so that Naraku could kill her. Stealing and opening the shrine released an endless horde of lesser rat demons who eat every living thing in their path, destroying every village in the region. Kikyo's sacred arrow broke the spiritual barrier protecting the shrine; and then InuYasha destroyed it with Tessaiga. This caused all the rat demons to vanish.

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