"Invincible" is Star Man's first solo song. It is a remix of "Invincible" by CNN.

Star Man first attempted to record the song at the end of one of his recording sessions for Moon Man's album The Lunatic, but the studio was in the process of shutting down, and the power was turned off shortly after he began recording. Nonetheless, that short early recording appeared at the end of The Lunatic. The full track was later released on The Star, the Cloud, and the Moon, and a live recording of the song can be found on Live At the Reading Festival.

Lyrics Edit

One, two, three The Starman is invincible, he's the commie-killing kingpin Throw their giblets into a giant garbage bin I'm down with 1933, in Berlin The Nazi era was not the White man's collective sin The jews will spin that lie just like the Holohoax I'll smash their heads like eggs, and you'll see the yolk It's no joke, the Starman beats them all until they croak Just like the Bay of Pigs, I'll creep In the bushes, where I'll cut commies till I sleep I'll kill all of them to this dope-ass beat Fidel Castro ain't got shit on me Let's talk about the jews, well I'm not a fan I think they suck worse than Sunman So if you're out there, you kikes You're a bunch of commies too And Starman's coming for you The Starman's invincible

And the hunt will never end The Starman is invincible

The Starman is a shooting star He's packing heat, and the heat is gonna take him far With a TEC-9 and an M16 Don't care if you're old or a teen You're going down if you support the regime Castro's on his deathbed Raúl's gonna get shot right in the head Because he's Red like his brother Just another I'll kill him and fuck the corpse of his mother With a pillow in his face, that's how I'll smother So we'll take down the regime of the commies And I'll go and rape all their mommies No if ands or buts I'll rip out all your commie butts Either that, or you suck on these nuts The Starman is Triple K, all day Killing niggers every way, okay? I'm not a fan of the tools of the jewish communists Just thinking about them makes me pissed But the Starman's invincible

And the hunt will never end The Starman is invincible

The Starman is Cuban, yeah I said it But I kill beaners too, the bad ones, wanna fight about it? Because the mexicans give us Latinos a bad name If you're mexican, you're a disgrace and a shame I'm a US citizen naturally, not an alien Because I'm part of humanity You fucking illegals, I hate you all I hope Donald Trump builds that wall The Starman's invincible

And the hunt will never end The Starman is invincible

Oh yeah, the Starman's invincible, undefeatable Invulnerable, indestructible, unconquerable Unbeatable, indomitable, unassailable Impregnable, inviolable, in other words I'm fucking bulletproof, bitches Fuck with me and I'll leave you stitches This is Starman signing off

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