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Iron Cobra
Type Construct
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In the Dungeons & Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the iron cobra is a construct. It is most common in settings with a sci-fi/steampunk fantastical theme, such as Eberron or Spelljammer. The iron cobra resembles a normal cobra, only made of metal. The metal is usually, as its name suggests, iron. The body is an interconnection of metal segments, while the fan is wing-like, and inscribed with runes. It has sharp fangs, and rubies for eyes.


The iron cobra is typically built and animated (they require more magic than machinery) by neutral or evil aligned mages in the above mentioned settings to act as a sentry, interrogator, assassin, or servant. They are often placed in a dungeon or a laboratory or such to make the place seem more ominous/mystical and to torture, intimidate and simply stop those who come in. In some settings it is loaded with poison, while in other settings its bite merely causes sharp damage. It is also sometimes shown as being able to fire a deadly beam of energy from its jeweled eyes.


Iron cobras cannot speak. They are of whatever alignment their creator or master is.


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