The Island Kingdoms of Faerûn are fictional island realms, spread out across the continent of Faerûn. Mainly located in the vast Trackless Sea, the equivalent of the Atlantic Ocean, the islands are small, but significant, as both the home and main place of worship of the elves, Evermeet, and of the gnomes, Lantan.

Other notable locations of island kingdoms are the Shining Sea and the Lake of Steam.

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Main article: Evermeet

Evermeet is the fabled island kingdom home of the elves, located in the Trackless Sea.


The island of Lantan


Lantan is a grouping of three remote islands north of Chult, located in the Trackless Sea. It is the land of the Gnomes. The largest and most heavily populated island is Lantan; the more mountainous southern island is Suj; and the third, almost uninhabited island, is Orlil. After the Time of Troubles, Gond gave the gnomes of Lantan the secret of smokepowder. After Captain Cordell from Amn discovered Maztica, Lantaneses, being the westernmost extension of Faerûn (with the reclusive Evermeet and the enigmatic Nimbral), also claimed some lands.

Lantan is by far the most technologically advanced country on Faerûn (arguably on the whole of Toril too if they surpass the Chou empire, which is very possible). After the Avatar crisis, their main god, Gond, gave them the secret of smoke powder (Toril's black powder) and they are on the verge of inventing printing press[1]. They still are a minor power, because, due to the emphasis and reliance on magic on the Realms, technology is seldom used; they would be much more powerful at the center of the Outlands where all magic, including divine, is banned.

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Main article: Moonshae Isles

Moonshae Isles is an archipelago in the Trackless Sea. The kingdom is predominantly inhabited by humans, and is ruled by High Queen Alicia from the capital of Caer Callidyrr. Apart from the human majority, the 680,000 inhabitants of the island also counts halfling, elven, dwarven, and half-elven minorities.


The distant island of Nimbral, is also known as the Sea Haven, is located to the southwest of Lantan, in the Trackless Sea. The deceptive inhabitants, called Nimbrali, are expatriates from Halruaa, focusing heavily on the school of illusion, and are all accomplished illusionists. It seems their prolonged contact with magic changed their mage into something else than humans. Nimbral illusionists do not have any forbidden school of magic.


Prespur is an isle located in the Sea of Fallen Stars.


Tharsult is an island of unscrupulous traders, located in the Shining Sea, with the capital of Urbeth.

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