Isola is the fictional island that is the setting for Fish Tycoon,[1] Plant Tycoon, and the Virtual Villagers series, created by Last Day of Work (LDW). Isola is a mysterious island containing many puzzles, problems, and even magic, such as the 7 magic fish and 6 magic plants. These fish and plants give benefits to each other and anything that interacts with them. Fish and plants of Isola cannot die of old age- only mistreatment. In Fish Tycoon and Plant Tycoon, Isola's currency is called "Isola-Bucks", while on Virtual Villagers, there is no real "money", but instead tech-points, which are used to buy new sciences for the islanders.


In an interview, William Usher asked, "Is it possible Isola could evolve into a video game version of "The Island" from the TV show Lost?" Developer Arthur Humphrey from Last Day of Work replied, "I started watching Lost in season 2. It is a great show, and I immediately saw things that seemed appealing...It would be really easy to lean on the brilliant writing of a successful show and get lazy. That's not to say that we refuse to be inspired by it (and other shows and movies) when something strikes us...."[2]


Isola is the setting for Fish and Plant Tycoon, as well as the Virtual Villager Series, and has a background role for each:

Fish TycoonEdit

The story for this game is that on the mysterious island of Isola there was a lagoon where the most magnificent fish swam. These fish were held together by the 7 magic fish but one day all of the fish have disappeared. Thus, you have to cross-breed fish to rediscover the 7 magic fish, solve the genetic puzzle,[3] and restore "the island to its former glory."[4]

Plant TycoonEdit

There are tales of a village on Isola. There are stories of magic plants that help the villagers. Starting with plants and seeds from Isola, you must solve the genetic puzzle, and discover the 6 magic plants.[5]

Virtual Villagers A New HomeEdit

Islanders have lived in peace for ages on their island. But one day, a volcano erupts, destroying their home. The survivors flee and discover another island called Isola and make it their new home.[6] Now they must uncover the secrets and puzzles of Isola, and create a village.

Virtual Villagers The Lost ChildrenEdit

The islanders of Isola have explored every bit of their home except one place, a mysterious cave. Two explorers enter the cave and discover an opening. They emerge only to fall into a river and be washed down a waterfall. To their relief, they land in a deep, crystal clear pool. What they find around them are many children without parents. You must uncover the new secrets of the new part of the island and find out what happened to the children's parents.

Virtual Villagers The Secret CityEdit

Once again, the villagers set out to explore and settle down in a new part of Isola, with more new mysteries to solve, and finally find out the truth behind all the magic in Isola. New game elements are added in this installment, including alchemy, and ability to choose different paths in research upgrades.


Many magical forces are found on Isola, from fish to plants. The below series of charts list and describe them.

Magic FishEdit

# Fish Name Magic Name Ability
1 Greenfin Spotanus Magic Fish of Fertility All fish in the same tank with this one will have more babies than usual.
2 Speckled Leaffish Magic Fish of Sustenance All fish in the same tank do not need to be fed as often.
3 Crimson Comet Magic Fish of Curing All fish in the same tank are cured easily.
4 Oriental Goldbulb Magic Fish of Growth All fish in the same tank grow faster.
5 Orange Snooper Magic Fish of Health All fish in the same tank are healthier.
6 Wasp Grouper Magic Fish of Mutation All fish in the same tank have a chance of having a baby not of their or their mate's species.
7 Canary Fire-Arrow Golden Guppy of Isola The Golden Guppy of Isola, who is not yet understood. This fish is legendary and valuable.

Magic PlantsEdit

# Plant Name Magic Name Ability
1 Fourpetal Maple Magic Tree of Fragrance[7]
2 Rosaceae Fern Rose of Joy[8]
3 Fabled Lemonbush Fabled Rose of Isola[9]
4 Mela Rare Oak Fruit of Life[10]
5 Aureus Scandens Golden Berries of Wealth[11]
6 Nox Orchid Flower of Knowledge[12]


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