J.D. Dunn is a fictional character from the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island. J.D. Dunn is portrayed by Dean Chekvala.



J.D. Dunn is Henry's brother. He dislikes his brother. He has big tattoos on his body, and he is just a guest on the wedding of his brother. His childish antics make Henry’s life more difficult, and sometimes there’s a malevolence in them that makes everyone wonder if J.D. has some secret endgame.

Pilot EpisodeEdit

J.D. Dunn is Henry's brother.

J.D. is flirting with Kelly Seaver, Shane's ex-girlfriend. J.D. fights with Shane. Sheriff Mills stops them.

Sheriff Mills sends J.D. to the Candlewick Inn with Abby.

Episode 2Edit

Henry asks J.D. not to ruin his wedding. J.D. is washing blood off his hands.

Episode 3Edit

On episode 3, Shane hits him using his truck, then kidnaps him and strings a noose around his neck, tied to a barn rafter.

Abby saves J.D. from hanging.

Episode 5Edit

J.D. and Madison play firecrackers.

Henry blames J.D. for putting the rotting raccoon carcass on the altar at the church. Henry tells J.D. that he didn't want to see him again. J.D. tells Henry that he has one last surprise for him.

Episode 6Edit

J.D. asks Abby to help. J.D. and Abby finds Uncle Marty's sliced body in the forest.

Later, Henry blames J.D. for Uncle Marty's death and fights him. Abby stops them.

Abby shows J.D. and Henry the Wakefield murder articles she found in Sheriff Mills attic.

It is already night when J.D. runs into Cole Harkin's house.

Episode 7Edit

The Sheriff and Henry find Uncle Marty's phone in J.D.'s bag, as well as J.D.'s medications, which he has not been taking

J.D. runs away from the police, who believe J.D. is the killer

Henry reveals that J.D. was part of a suicide pact. After his failed attempt, when Henry saved him, Uncle Marty had J.D. institutionalized

Episode 8Edit

J.D. escapes from his prison cell after witnessing a deputy get shot.

J.D. is found dying by Abby as he coughs up blood. He tell her that it's "all about her."

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