JMC Blue Dwarf is an open-ended multi-player role playing game for any number of players. It is played via email, referring to itself as a sim. It was created in April 2000 by David Ball. A Yahoo! Group is used to post each section of the story. Members individually submit their pieces of written work to the Yahoo! Group to build up the story.[1] As of January 2008, the game has 30 members,[2] and claim to have had over 100 members since the game started, from various countries across the world.[1]

Setting and plotEdit

Dave Lister on the JMC Red Dwarf was put into stasis and woken up 3 million years later to find his fellow crewmates dead. The JMC Blue Dwarf is the Red Dwarf's sister ship, sent out to find the Red Dwarf after its disappearance.[1] The Blue Dwarf is a very large Jupiter-class mining vessel. More than 9,000 meters long and more than 3,000 meters wide. It has almost 2,600 floors, and can house over a thousand people.

Built by the Jupiter Mining Corporation as a backup ship to its sister the JMC Red Dwarf, the Blue Dwarf is filled full of mining equipment that is barely ever used. It was originally intended to mine and process ore from the outer regions of space and transport them back to Jupiter and Earth. Two large asteroids are embedded into its ventral side, and a massive forward scoop stretched like a net out of the front, collecting hydrogen particles and converting them to fuel.[3]

Regular CharactersEdit

Here is a list of regular characters used in the JMC Blue Dwarf game. These characters are written for by the members.

Jed Calvert - Jed is Captain of the JMC Blue Dwarf. He is a tall lanky man who is a lot stronger and tougher than he looks. Although he lacks large rippling muscles, Jed makes up for it with his air of crazed unpredictability. He has been known to fight hand to hand with men twice his strength but win out of sheer dastardliness.

He has a wizened face that makes him appear a lot older than his years, which also gives him the rough look of a man who has been living in the wilderness for years. He shaves less than he washes, every ice age.

Despite his position of power as Captain on the Blue Dwarf, Jed is always seen in a scruffy leather overcoat, ragged flannel shirts and a cowboy hat.[4].

Ambassador Seymour Niples - Seymour is the Royal Ambassador to the British Queen. He is a pompous arrogant ass who loves himself a little bit too much. He loves to hear the sound of his own rich booming voice, and thinks himself a perfect public speaker and gentleman. He holds his own opinion in high regard and never admits when he is wrong.

Seymour is interested in fine wine, antiques and other ostentatious things. In times of crisis however, Seymour will scream like a girl and run away.[5].

Jay Chrysler - Jay is the JMC Blue Dwarf's Chief navigation Officer. He is well known for his reckless behaviour, and his way of acting first, thinking later, he's somehwat of a hothead, but always puts other people before himself. Although sometimes unrational and careless he always does what his moral's tells him is right, and isnt afraid to question orders if he thinks they are out of line. Whatever his shortcomings however, Jay is a damn good pilot and a damn good officer.

In his free time Jay is usually found on the pool table's or at the bar in one of the promenades many drinking establishments with Phil and Dean. Or unconscious in a heap somewhere.[6].

Rosette LaChance - Rosette is as far as anyone else is concerned, a Mercenary. She has no real 'job' or rank on the Blue Dwarf, but has learned to live there. She was orphaned in her teens, and so has no other home. Regardless of the Captains (Jed Calvert) perverted intent, she has still found a home on the gigantic vessel. She has a bit of a trust issue, although when it comes down to it, she's very dependable, and would sacrifice herself for the good of everyone else, if the need arose.

Rosette is interested in simply being accepted. Anything more than that is a bonus that she will never forget.[7].

Other MediaEdit

The Blue Dwarf story expanded into audio in January 2008 when the audio recording "Supernova" (produced by Rebecca Tordoff) was added to the Blue Dwarf website.[8]


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