"Jamar" is a Moon Man single produced by Malcolm Night and released to youtube on November 30, 2015. It is a remix of "Rappin' Duke" by Shawn Brown, a song that is mentioned in the shorter version of Moon Man's "Juicy" as well as in the Notorious B.I.G. song "Juicy" of which that song is a remix.

The song's title is a reference to Jamar Clark, a young male nigger who was fatally shot by police after he beat the shit out of his girlfriend and then tried to hamper then process of getting her into the ambulance. The song rails against sjws who sympathize over young black thugs like Jamar Clark, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Laquan McDonald while hating straight White men.

"Jamar" appears as track 2 on Singles: Volume 5.

Lyrics Edit

You niggers and libbers need to learn to pick your battles Some thug gets neutralized and you start mooing like cattle Trayvon and Michael Brown were just clogging up the plumbing And it doesn't take a racist to see they had it coming

Trayvon, Trayvon Trayva-ha-haha-hon Fucking punk

And now there's Jamar, the domestic abuser, shot dead If he was White, you bleeding hearts would all be calling for his head That is if the pigs hadn't already put a bullet through his face From your high horse on stilts, all you pussies see is race

Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har He deserved it

Now I don't give a fuck if you beat your bitch And the best kind of nigger's at the bottom of a ditch But you faggots feel the same about straight White men In your hypocrisy you only see the genitals and skin

Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har What a loser

If you coons are so desperate to find yourselves a martyr You'll have to look harder and you'll have to think smarter The world isn't buying your crocodile tears The Michael Brown debacle will be hurting your credibility for years

Michael Brown, Michael Brown Michael Bra-ha-haha-hown What I do on his grave won't pass for flowers, either

Yo check this, you're sexist, admit it, you're racist You're heterophobic, you know it, now face it These knee-jerk reactions are gaining more traction You all call for action but only for black ones

Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har I'm glad they shot him

The niggers want to get away with anything they can The faggots are upset because they want a straight White man The cucks are trying hard to prove they're sensitive and caring The jews are stirring up the pot, the media is blaring

Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har Michael Brown, Michael Brown Michale Bra-ha-haha-hown Trayvon, Trayvon Trayva-ha-haha-hon Laquan, Laquan Laqua-ha-haha-han Jamar, Jamar Jama-ha-haha-har K K, K K, K K K KK K, K K

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