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Jamila (ジャミラ Jamira?) is a monster who appeared in the Japanese superhero show Ultraman. The episode in which he so appeared was titled "My Home Is Earth."

Once a human astronaut, Jamila was subsequently de-humanized and returned to Earth. Alternate spellings of his name include "Jamira" and "Jamyra" (the latter appearing in the Ultraman video game for the Super Famicom). His subtitle is the Planet Dwelling Monster (棲星怪獣 Seisei Kaijū?).


Jamila was originally a human astronaut who became lost in space, landing on another planet without water or air, where he survived, mutating into this towering space monster. Jamila soon returned to Earth in his invisible craft to get revenge on those who‘d forgotten him, destroying planes and boats of the countries attending the Tokyo peace conference. Late one night, Jamila interfered in a high speed chase, allowing the criminal, who’d killed an old man and a child, to be captured by causing him to crash into his invisible ship. The Science Patrol arrived to investigate the occurrence and discovered his craft, barely escaping as his ship destroyed their car and took off. A search was sent out to locate the entity, soon catching up to his ship and attacking him, however, his invisibility made it difficult to hit his ship until finally, it vanished into space. They then discovered that the ship’s invisibility was the result of its hull moving at high speeds, making it invisible to the human eye. They soon came up with a plan to use three special new weapons using different wave length of light, which together could reveal the invisible rocket. The plan worked perfectly and Jamila’s craft was revealed and they opened fire. Jamila attempted to escape but they could now give chase thanks to the craft being visible. Finally, the ship was shot down and exploded but the Science Patrol went into the forest on foot, believing the pilot to still be alive. Jamila emerged from his ruined ship and was chased by the Science Patrol. They opened fire but their weapons were useless against the space monster. Jamila finally managed to escape into the forest and the Science Patrol couldn’t find him. It was then an ally of theirs from the Paris HQ revealed the truth that Jamila was truly an unfortunate human who’d become lost in a manned satellite and instead of searching for him, they kept it secret as to avoid hurting the public’s faith in science, causing him to become bitter and despise mankind. Despite the Science Patrol sympathizing and understanding Jamila’s plight, they had to stop him. Jamila was attacked the next day with flamethrowers but he proved immune to fire based weapons. Enraged, the former human launched an attack on a nearby village to vent his rage, igniting it into a blazing inferno with his flames. One of the Science Patrol yelled at the space monster, asking if he’d lost all traces of his former self. This touched what was left of the man within, making him cease his attack on the city. However, the space giant soon attacked the World Peace Conference in Tokyo, only to be attacked with rain bombs which injured him. However, the creature’s thirst for vengeance wouldn’t allow him to stop, causing him to begin destroying the flags of the people who had forgotten him. Ultraman soon arrived to battle the mutated man but Jamila, having once been a human, proved to be a more skilled opponent for the hero. Jamila and Ultraman fought back and forth, until finally, Ultraman unleashed the Ultra-Shower on him. Crying out in agony, Jamila fell to the ground, finally dying. However, realizing Jamila was merely the victim of circumstance and politics, the Science Patrol gave Jamila a proper funeral and mounted a plaque in his honor.

Ultraman PoweredEdit

His height is around 60 meters tall. He weighs around 18,000 Tons. Jamila (which translate as beautiful in Arabic) was reused in a later series, Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero, which procured all of its monsters from episodes of the original series. Jamila was, as before, an standstill before the pleas of his daughter restored his humanity and he allowed Ultraman to destroy him. His daughter vowed to become an astronaut and find out what had happened to her father in order to be able to keep it from ever happening again to any other people.

ja:ジャミラ (ウルトラ怪獣)

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