Jayne’s Hat was a cap worn by the character Jayne Cobb in the television series Firefly. It is worn by the program’s fans to display their devotion to the show.[1]


Jayne’s Hat is a yellow and orange knitted cap with red ear flaps and a yarn pom-pon on top.


Jayne’s Hat first appeared in the 12th episode of Firefly, titled The Message. It was given to character Jayne Cobb by his mother to keep him warm during his travel though space. Jayne thinks the hat is quite cunning, but his fellow shipmates mock him gently about it.


Fans of the Firefly program, who call themselves Browncoats, wear hats similar to Jayne’s Hat to symbolize their affection for the show. Many websites sell copies of the hat,[2] or offer download-able knitting patterns.[3] Other items, such as Jayne’s Hat cookie recipes, are also available.[4]

Adam Baldwin, the actor who played Jayne Cobb, enjoys the fans’ reaction to his hat, and says he feels sentimental about the hat himself. He auctioned the original hat from the show for the charity Marine Corp–Law Enforcement Foundation for US$4707.57.[5]


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