Jacinta 'Jazz' Curtis was a fictional character on Home and Away portrayed by Rachel Gordon.[1] She first appeared on 18 June 2007, and left on 3 October the same year. She returned on 27 February 2008[2] before leaving again on 21 May of that year.

Fictional biography Edit

Jazz Curtis arrived in the bay to try and make amends with her son Drew Curtis, who she had sent to boarding school when only young. He rejected her at first, but he eventually moved in with her after he used her cheque book to buy himself a car. She also enjoyed a brief relationship with Tony Holden. She left the bay after Drew disowned her when he found out she was just using him to get her hands on his inheritance from her late mother (Drew was the sole heir to a million dollar estate).

Development and productionEdit

Rachel Gordon said of her portrayal of Jazz Curtis, "I’ve actually really enjoyed this role on Home and Away. It’s been a lot of fun and very glamorous because the role’s shiny on the outside but gritty underneath...It was suitably humbling when I found out I was being cast for the role of a mother to a guy in his 20s! But it actually really works for the character that I’m playing, although the mother-son relationship is reversed. He’s more the parent and she’s the irresponsible one. They’re more like buddies than mother and son. But I’ve loved all the roles I’ve played. The one that I did for the longest was Amy Fox on Heelers which was fun. Having the time to play a character like that, there was real character development and lots of time to explore her complexity."[3]


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