Jenna is a fictional character from the Universal Studios and Steven Spielberg's Amblimation studios film Balto series. Jenna is a dark red and white colored female husky that is owned by Rosy, a little girl who suffers from an illness along with other of Nome's children.

Roles Edit

Jenna has appeared in all of the Balto films. And in each one, she has had a different role.

Balto (1995) Edit

In Balto, Jenna first met Balto during the sled dog competition in the beginning of the movie. Balto spots Rosy's hat in the path of the sled dogs coming towards town. Trying to impress Jenna, Balto run's out into the road in order to return Rosy's hat. But the movie's antagonist Steele thinks that Balto's trying to beat him. Balto manages to avoid Steele and returns Rosy's hat. When Balto sees Jenna again, he almost slides into her with their noses touching. When Rosy becomes ill, Jenna grows worried about her and Balto journeys off after Steele's team(who have gotten lost in a snow storm while on their way back to Nome). When Jenna returned to watch Rosy from her window, she smells Balto's scent and notices his pawprints leading to out of Nome. She appears again during Balto's battle with a grizzly bear. She tries to fend the bear off but has no luck and is swatted away twice. When Balto and the bear fall below the frozen lake, Jenna is worried about Balto drowning. When Muk and Luk, Balto's polar bear friends surface from the lake with a unconscious Balto, she is over-joyed to see Balto. After Balto regains consciousness, Jenna warms Balto with her body. But when Balto and friends prepare to travel on, Jenna falls down repeatedly. She was injured during her short fight with the bear. Balto tells Muk, Luk and Boris to return Jenna to Nome as he continues after Steele's team, Jenna gives Balto her bandana in order to help keep him warm. When Jenna returns to Nome, she tells the other dogs what Balto is doing. They laugh and say that Balto will fail. Then, a nearly frozen Steele appears in the door. Steele is carrying Jenna's bandana after his clash with Balto. After hearing his lie about how Balto perished and left Jenna in his care, she says that he's lying and Balto's coming home. Jenna then heads for the outer edge of Nome and puts the broken bottles that Balto showed her up against a mountain. The reflection of the light through them causes a Northern Lights to flash on the mountain side. She looks back and whispers "Balto". When she hears Balto howl as he re-enters Nome with Steele's team, she barks loudly and happilly that Balto's made it back. After some praise and love from the townsfolk and Rosy, Balto and Jenna see each other again on the front steps of the hospital. Jenna rubs her head against Balto and smiles. She is happy Balto's alive.

Balto II: Wolf Quest (2002) Edit

Jenna has a minor role in the sequel. She is the mother of 6 puppies and Balto's sweetheart. When she notices how one of the puppies, Aleu, is being treated like Balto was, she grows worried about her. When Aleu runs away after hearing her origins, Balto goes after her.

Balto III: Wings of Change (2005 (U.S. Release) Edit

Jenna has a somewhat larger roll in "Balto 3". She encourages Balto when he is worried about the race, And convinces Kodi(their son) to go after Balto when he sets off to find Duke a missing bush planeДженна (персонаж)

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