Jennifer "Jennie" Malloy (neé Slattery) is a fictional character portrayed by Stephanie Hodge appearing in the American sitcom Unhappily Ever After from 1995 to 1998.


Jennifer Slattery is the 2nd child of Joe and Maureen Slattery and younger sister of Jim Slattery she wa born around 1958 or 1959. She had known Jack as far as high school in which she literally forces him to date her which resulted in her getting impregnated (which she stills Jack and Ryan for). Thus She and Jack get married in February 1978, 3 months prior to Ryan's birth. A year later they have a daughter Tiffany and 7 years later a son Ross. Jennie had attended college for 2 years yet dropouted in order to be a housewife. She is a typical housewife seen cooking, cleaning and laundering yet will sometimes refuse to do so when a dispute happens. She enjoys the misfortune of others and is known for her nasaly voice and when angry can get a little hoarse which sounds as if she has a deviated septum.


Jennie is imfamous for her fiery temper and shrewish disposition. She is very bitter and disgusted about her status as nothing more than a homemaker and Jack being the breadwinner. She blames Jack and her family for her misfortunes and often dominates the household. She is the paragon of hipocrisy often telling her children not do something which is usually something she does. Yet she loves her family even though she doesn't show much affection. Her temper will often turn violent as she once punched out a meter maid and will sometimes show physical dominance over Jack. She is very sensitive and slef-conscious about herself especially her appearance as she feels she is losing her looks. She is also portrayed as sexually starved and has a high libido and often comments on her and her husband's pathetic sex life.

The Jennie ParadoxEdit

Jennie's role on the show has remained somewhat arguable and strange, her role is somewhat important as she is the wife of the main character, Jack. Yet she often standouts from the plotline. In the first season her character had played important roles in the plots yet it was later deferred as Ryan, Tiffany and Ross became more prominent characters in the series thus overshadowing her role. Her character was killed off in season 3 but was immediately returned to the show after negative reviews yet Jennie was soon gone again at the end of season 4 her character vanished as it is revealed Jennie left her family and ran off to Europe with her lesbian mistress. This was even more bizarre than her character dying off. She is referred to in season 5. Since the series ended in 1999 it is unknown what has become of her character.


Jennie had short-long, wavy blonde hair and blue eyes in the first, second and third season and later dyed it brown in season 4.

History/Etmyology of NameEdit

Jennifer is a common name meaning fair and pure, which is the exact opposite of Jennie's personality. Also the term jenny can mean female donkey as jack can mean male donkey which thier names could be a play on these terms.

Relationship with JackEdit

Jack and Jennie's marriage has been an important factor to the show as many of the plotlines sometimes focuses on thier marital problems and unintentional competition they share. As stated above Jennie and Jack married young and had 3 children. Though this was because Jack had imgregnated Jennie out of wedlock so it wasn't a marriage of love. At the beginning of the series Jennie had kicked Jack out and threatened divorce. Jack had moved ino an ampartment yet visited the house daily to see the children and do favors for Jennie. It is noted that even though they were seperated they still acted like a married couple still arguing and sleeping together, which later seemed unclear why they split up in the first place (possibly because of unreconcilable differances). They get back together at the very beginning of the second season as they didn't to divorce because of the after-effect it might have on the children and because they still loved each other. Though they still got into petty arguments and competitions. Jennie would scold Jack for looking at other women and porno, even though she does the same thing with men. Though it seemed seamless they still had marital problems, as Jennie left Jack in season 5 with her mistres, since the series was canceled it is unknown what would have ever happened to Jack and Jennie's relationship.

Other RelationshipsEdit

  • Maureen: Jennie cannot stand her mother who is domineering and overbearing. Maureen often yells at Jennie and claims she had a big head when she was delivering her and even tried to give her away but since coyotes, volcanoes and wolves refused to take her she was left to raise her. Though Jennie inherites many negative traits from Maureen such as her shrill, irritable persona.
  • Ryan: Ryan's stupidity often causes concern for Jennie, as he does many strange things for example collect urine under his bed or believing that he is a superhero. Though Jack doesn't seem to ber really concerned with it and tells Jennie taht it is simply a phase pr something similar to that.
  • Tiffany: Though Jennie loves Tiffany, she is often is madly envious of Tiffany's life. As Tiffany is considered prettier, perkier, smarter and popular than she ever was. Jennie shows contempt towards her daughter and is unsupportive when she is having a dilemma.
  • Ross: Like Jack, Jennie that really seems to be concerned about the young boy and hardly pays any attention to him. Though she will often force him to do things against his will and sow misconceptions into his head simply to get him out of the way.

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