James Graham "Jim" Fenner was a fictional character in the British television series Bad Girls. The character was played by Jack Ellis.

Fenner was the senior male prison officer at HMP Larkhall Women's Prison, the setting for the series, and was a regular major character for seven of the shows eight seasons. The character was seen as a malevolent presence through much of the series, working the system and manipulating both prisoners and staff alike.

Throughout the seven series he appeared in Jim Fenner made himself increasingly unpopular with prisoners and staff, he set out flirting and raping his way around the prison and bullying and manipulating everyone. In series 3 he was stabbed by Shell Dockly with a broken bottle as punishment for his cheating and bullying.

Murder Of Yevone Atkins (21 August 2003)Edit

His main nemesis however was Yvonne Atkins; the pair despised each other and set about competing against each other. Fenner tried everything he could to punish Yvonne for his own pleasures and they both knew it was either one or the other, this led Yvonne to hire a hitman to take care of Fenner but the plan failed and resulted in Yvonne's death at the hands of Jim Fenner. In series 5 top dog Yvonne and Karen Betts joined forces to get rid of Fenner but he murdered a pensioner in a hit and run and framed Karen Betts. He then murdered Yvonne Atkins at the end of series 5 (21 August 2003)by locking her in the hanging cell and leaving her to slowly suffocate in darkness.

Exeptance At LarkhallEdit

He was the most despised person in Larkhall prison and was hated by practically the whole prison including the staff(apart from Sylvia Hollamby); however he underestimated his wife Di Barker/Fenner who revealed he killed Yvonne Atkins to Julie Johnson and Julie Saunders which led to his eventual death at the hands of prisoner Julie Johnson.

Return From Prison And DeathEdit

He made a diabolical campaign to become the governor and succeeded in doing so, even becoming Acting Governing Governor before he was murdered. He ruled over the prison in an almost dictatorial fashion, but he eventually died in the hanging cell on the anniversary of Yvonne Atkins death(Tuesday,12th July 2005). He was feeling the effects of Julie Sanders' poisoned candles, Neil Grayling's spiked drink and the poison thorned in his neck from Darlenne Cake And Janine Nabeski ending with him being stabbed in the neck by Julie Johnston with an ice dagger. there is also evidence to suggest that Tina O'Kane Spiked A Cheese Straw because when she offers him a straw she offers a specific straw.

Jim Fenner made two more appearances after his death in series 7 episode 10. In the 13th episode he appeared at the end as a ghost walking the landings of G-Wing and he appeared in the Christmas special as a ghost haunting Julie Johnson and the inhabitants of G-Wing.

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