John Bradley is one of the fictional squad members of the Conflict series. He is possibly named after the sailor who helped raise the flag at the battle of Iwo Jima.

Like Frank Weir (Ragman) from Conflict: Vietnam, he is a Staff-Sergeant controlling a four-man squad.

He has led his squad in three games so far.

Conflict: Desert Storm (2) he led his men through the Gulf War.

Conflict: Global Terror he leads his team against terrorist units.


If the player chooses to control an English SAS team, Bradley will speak in a London accent and will wear a beige cap. If the player controls an American Delta team he wears a Delta cap. As an SAS operative, he has a tattoo on his forearm.


He primarily uses a M16 with an attached grenade launcher.

His sidearm is a silenced pistol.

Exceptions to these weapons are as follows:


An AK-47

A silenced M16.

Any discarded weapons can be used.


An Iraqi pistol.

Again any discarded weapons can be used. Amongst these weapons are: rocket launchers, knives, grenades, medi-packs, a whole variety of rifles, machine guns and explosives and a laser designator.

Desert Storm

After Foley is wounded and captured, Bradley is sent in alone to rescue him. After several gunfights he reaches Foley and the two complete the mission that Foley and an anonymous SAS soldier failed to do; the SAS man was shot dead by Iraqi forces whereas Foley is only wounded, the pair blow up a bridge using C4 and make good their escape in a helicopter.

Foley and Bradley infiltrate a city to transport an Iraqi official through the town; on the way they recruit Connors who was on a mission. The three soldiers drop off the Emir and blow up several tanks throughout the city.

After the unsuccessful mission they are joined by Jones who helps the team blow up several rocket sites, they disrupt communications and the Iraqi presence is greatly reduced.

Several operations later Bradley, Connors, Jones and Foley are ordered to assassinate a General, the General's guards are killed by Bradley and his Laser Designator and the General is hunted throughout the city by Alpha 1/Delta Squad, he is eventually killed and the team are given leave and return to their families.

Desert Storm 2

Bradley and his men are sent into Baghdad to locate and transport Alpha 2 back to base. After multiple firefights Alpha 1 find Alpha 2 with a man missing (presumed dead.)

The group consisting of 3 members of Alpha 2 and 4 of Alpha 1 attempt to attack a communications relay and extract Alpha 3; two members are killed by mortar fire and the 5 remaining soldiers meet up with another unit and attack an enemy stronghold, the escape (Alpha 1 in jeeps and the others in a chopper.)

After a covert operation the team are captured and they escape using a van. After several missions they are awarded medals and given temporary leave of absence.

Global Storm

Bradley leads Red Team an Anti-Terrorist unit, Foley goes MIA and Carrie Sherman replaces him as sniper.