John Brittas is a journalist from Kerala who is currently the Managing Director of Kairali TV .

Education and careerEdit

John Brittas was born on October 24, 1966, in Kannur. After primary education in a nearby school, he was put in Don Bosco School, Thrissur- a residential school, for high school studies. From there he went to S S College, Thalipparambu in Kannur for his predegree. He had his Bachelor’s degree and Master’s degree in Political Science from Kerala Varma College, Thissur. Later he joined the Jawaharlal Nehru University for M.Phil and PhD.

After his education,he joined as sub editor in “Desabhimani”, a newspaper in the vernacular and later became its Delhi bureau chief.

When Kairali TV was launched in 2000, John Brittas, joined as Associate Director in charge of the Delhi Bureau for Kairali TV. After working for three years in Delhi he was made the Managing Director of the channel and was transferred to Kerala. Presently he is posted in Trivandrum where he lives with his family.


He got the Journalism Educational Award, a fellowship cum award from Goenka Foundation for his research in “The Impact of Globalization in Print Media”.

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