John Dekker is a fictional character appearing in the computer game series Wing Commander. Dekker is a Marine Corps officer fighting for the Union of Border Worlds in Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom and later for the Confederation in Wing Commander: Prophecy.

John Dekker
Rank: Colonel
Callsign: Gash
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of birth: 2638
Home planet: Unknown
Affiliation: Union of Border Worlds/ Terran Confederation

Personal BiographyEdit

John Dekker was born around 2638 and he entered the Confederation Marine Corps when the conflict with the Kilrathi had already broken out and was reaching its climax. Apparently Dekker was bestowed his nickname "Gash" by a drill sergeant when he gave himself a bad cut while still in training and he had to be evacuated for medical attention. After taking part in some actions against the Kilrathi and having earned several citations for valor John Dekker decided to become an officer. Later he took part in the Repleetah battle, a bloody fight between ground troops that had been raging for years: when the Confederation Fleet exercised a tactical retreat leaving the Marines on the surface of Repleetah without cover and assistance Dekker was among the soldiers who were captured by the Kilrathi. He spent four years in a Kilrathi slave camp as a POW before all the surviving prisoners were liberated by the kilrathi when they signed the false truce agreement that precedeed the Battle of Earth.

When the war against the Kilrathi ended Dekker left the Corps for a brief stint with a mercenary force. Unable to come to terms with some of the ethical problems of his new profession John Dekker left the mercenaries and decided to enter the Border Worlds Marine Corps when he was offered command of a company and a rank of Lieutenant Colonel. During the clashes between the Confederation and the Border Worlds in 2673 Dekker was assigned to the BWS Intrepid as the commander of the contingent of Marines aboard the carrier: he took part to the raid against the TCS Princeton leading his men onto the ship to seize its control.

When the crisis ended Dekker was offered to return in service into the Confederation Marine Corps by promise of duty aboard the newly built TCS Midway, commanding a garrison of soldiers assigned as a rapid reaction force for the carrier. Dekker Marines were instrumental in the fight against the Nephilim when they infiltrated the alien wormhole station and managed to sabotage it with help from Colonel Christopher "Maverick" Blair.


  • The actor portraying John "Gash" Dekker in the FMV cutscenes of Wing Commander IV - The Price of Freedom and Wing Commander: Prophecy is Jeremy Roberts.

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