John Hegner is an American composer who specializes mainly in television work. He has composed television news music packages for stations such as WNBC-TV, WGN-TV, KHOU-TV, KYW-TV, WVNY-TV, WPSG-TV, WRGB-TV, WNYA-TV, KCBS-TV, and WCBS-TV.

His most recent project, News in Focus, was composed for KCBS. It incorporates the "I Love Chicago" melody from the 1975 WBBM-TV news theme which is the CBS O&O signature theme. Hegner slightly updated the theme for WCBS in 2003, and this version was also picked up by KYW-TV.

In 2005 Frank Gari included many of the News in Focus themes into The CBS Enforcer Music Collection. The News in Focus themes were removed from Gari's package in 2007. KYW dropped News in Focus in 2005, followed by WCBS in April 2006, both in favor of the main Enforcer theme.

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