Johnston Jacob Green, Sr., is a character on the US post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. He was played by Gerald McRaney.

Johnston has been the mayor of the town of Jericho, Kansas for 25 years. He has a strained relationship with his son Jake, who left town many years ago only to return to pick up an inheritance from his recently deceased grandfather. Johnston's political rival is Gray Anderson, who wins an election against him in episode 11 "Vox Populi".

After a nuclear bomb explodes in Denver, Colorado, Mayor Green leads the effort to prepare for the worst, though several characters have called into question his leadership capabilities. During an evacuation to a fallout shelter, his wife, Gail, discovers him unconscious in his office. He is treated at the shelter and appears to regain consciousness; the cause of his collapse is initially revealed to be a case of the flu. In episode seven, he experiences severe septic shock, and as the episode ends, Jake and Eric are driving to another city to get the medicine he needs.

Little is known about Mayor Green's background, but in the pilot episode he states that he has lived in many cities and countries. It is revealed in episode 13 ("The Day Before") that as mayor he neglected some of his family duties in order to "better serve the town", in violation of a promise he made to his wife. He also reveals that he was a member of the U.S. Army Rangers and had fought in an unspecified war, likely Vietnam.

At the end of the season one finale, Johnston is killed by a gunshot wound during a skirmish between New Bern and Jericho.

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