Jonah Prowse is a character on the American post-apocalyptic drama Jericho. He is played by James Remar.

Jonah is the leader of a group of survivalists, numbering 30 in total, who are based just outside of the town. He has a number of young men, including Mitchell Cafferty, at his command, and access to weapons and the supplies Dale recovered from the abandoned train.

Jonah is revealed to be Emily's father, and they are estranged over his actions that inadvertently led to the death of his son and Emily's brother Chris. He also has some history with Jake, and Gray has strong feelings about his trustworthiness.

Eventually, members of Jonah's group chafed at his reluctance to engage in violent attacks and begin to questioned his leadership. The final result is Mitchell Cafferty framing Jonah for Gracie's murder. Jonah tries to hide out at Emily's home but is later captured by Gray. Jake was able to save Jonah from brutal execution after learning that Mitchell was the real murderer. Jonah is then exiled from Jericho.

In "Coalition of the Willing", Jonah resurfaces, having regained leadership of his group. He and his men encounter Jake, Eric, Emily and Robert, who are searching for New Bern's mortar base. Emily and Jonah strike a deal: in return for Jonah's assistance in destroying the mortars, he will get half of any captured supplies and ammunition. Now allied with Jericho, Jonah's gang joins a successful attack on the mortar position, killing several New Bern soldiers. Jonah then kills an injured New Bern soldier and commandeers all of New Bern's food and ammunition, breaking the deal in exchange for letting Jericho's team and militia leave.

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