Judy Brownlee was a fictional character in the New Zealand soap opera Shortland Street.

Uncompromising and professional, Judy is a highly experienced senior nurse in her early 40's.

As the hospital's Nurse Manager, Judy kept her rightwing attitudes at bay, knowing that they could jeopardise her professional security in the PC world of health.

An excellent nurse, Judy's people skills can leave much to be desired, but she does have her soft side.

She was shocked to discover that nurse Anne Kahu was the daughter she gave up at birth but after a rocky beginning, she and Anne grew close. Around this time Rex Traherne appeared which upset Judy as he was Anne's father. She was devastated when Anne died tragically and couldn't forgive Anne's husband Victor Kahu for making the final weeks of her daughter's life miserable.

Judy was respected by her staff and colleagues at Shortland Street, but does not make friends easily. She found love a few years ago with investigative journalist Max Henly, and married him just before he died of a brain haemorrhage.

Judy eased the pressures of her job by taking a spin on her motorbike, or spending time with her dog, Shorty.

Judy found herself attracted to Dr Craig Valentine, head of the hospital's Emergency Dept. But Craig is was involved with Judy's friend Huia Samuels. Just when Judy has resigned herself to life as a single woman, an old friend Mitch unexpectedly turned up at the hospital. Judy left her beloved job and followed him to Australia.

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