"Juicy" is a Moon Man single produced by euphoria and released to youtube on September 5, 2015. It is a remix of "Juicy" by the Notorious B.I.G. It appears as track 47 on More Than One Way to Skin a Nigger.

Moon Man had used the same beat once before in a previous version of "Juicy", and he also used the same backing track in "Anime Sucks".

Sun Man and Audrina Patridge each rap an antagonistic verse in this song. Sun Man brings up the fact that the backing track was created by "a proud black man", Biggie Smalls, but Moon Man shuts him down.

This version of "Juicy" ends with 3 minutes and 31 seconds of ear rape.

Lyrics Edit

This song goes out to all the niggers not yet lynched Remember the White Man is supreme And you can suck my dick You faggots need to hop off my cock Shoutouts to Raidforums and Zero Mack for the way hack Let's go faggots

It was all a meme I used to lynch niggers And reload my magazine Just to shoot the next spic I see You can't see me Jews like to suck John Cena's peepee So fuck you all You stupid chinks can't even drive I don't understand why Whites keep you alive

[Sun Man] Moon Man, why are you trying to rap? I'll have you know this is a song made by a proud black man We need to sing a song of peace, not hate And it isn't about your race

[gunshot] Shut the fuck up you stupid coon You should all be worshipping the Moon Man

[Audrina] How dare you, he is right You just don't understand Because you are White You oppress us all without a care You are all just evildoers in your lairs

Where did you come up with that rhyme? Tumblr? You stupid cunt Why don't you go suck the front of my dick You're just as bad as those spics

Yeah that's right KKK Remember the name I ain't playing no game This song has gone on long enough Soon you'll see these niggers aren't so tough When I'm done with you you won't be in good shape Especially after this ear rape


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