Jules Falardeau was born in Montreal in 1985, son of film-maker Pierre Falardeau and documentarist Manon Leriche. After studying music and human sciences, he makes his first short-movie : «Noble Art » is about a 8 years old boxer and he was invite to the «Festival International du Documentaire de Montréal ». He makes, in 2005, a second short-movie called «Nous Vaincrons », a false documentary about hillbillies in the country. In 2005, he goes filming a documentary in Mexico in a small coast village called Zipolité. In 2006, he began working on the movie «Reggie Chartrand : Patriote Québécois », on the screen in 2010. This documentary of 45 minutes about the ex-boxer and militant is for the director a return to the roots of the militant movie because he was created outside of the traditional institution and was published for free on the Internet. Since 2007, he works with OpenMic Musique and did many audio-visual works like videoclips, promotional videos and camera and editing for the sensual freestyle battle 11 Chek. After beginning studies in cinematography at the Montréal University in 2008, he makes a short documentary called «11 Chek ».[1]

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