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Justin Wong is a well known fighting video game player in the United States. He specializes in 2D arcade fighting games, mainly those released by Capcom, but has placed in 3D fighting game tournaments before. Known as "JWong," Justin is most famous for being on the losing end of the miracle comeback video clip on YouTube from his Street Fighter III match in Evolution 2004 against Daigo Umehara[1] and having the longest win streak inMarvel vs. Capcom 2.

Evolution 2004Edit

Template:Duplication Justin is most famous for a clip from the Evolution Championship Series 2004 3rd Strike losers bracket final where he lost to a dramatic comeback against Daigo Umehara (who was using Ken Masters). In the final round of the match 1, Daigo's Ken was down to his last pixel of vitality.[2] Trying to take advantage of this, Wong attempted to chip[3] Daigo for the win with the hou-yoku-sen[4], since it still deals about 9% damage when blocked. Daigo stopped Justin dead in his tracks by parrying all fifteen hits of Chun-Li's super, including a jumping parry on the last hit, then comboed into his own super (the shippuu-jin-rai-kyaku)[5] to deal just enough damage to steal the game. The cameraman (Seth Killian) turned away to record the audience erupt into a tremendous uproar.[6][7][8] Justin has since gone on to become one of the most recognizable names in fighting games in the United States.

Justin in 2009Edit

Template:Duplication GameStop's Street Fighter IV US National Tournament 2009

The special exhibition matches of Street Fighter IV took place in San Francisco, California, on April 18 after the actual competition ended. It featured Iyo who had recently won the Japanese National SFIV tournament, Poongko who won the Korean SFIV National Tournament, Justin Wong who won the American National SFIV tournament, and Daigo Umehara who came by Capcom's invitation.[9] Justin defeated Iyo and Poongko, but lost to Daigo who went on to win the tournament.[9] He was awarded a tournament seed at Evolution 2009 in Las Vegas.

Justin gained more fame after the footage of his matches in GameStop's competition were spread on the internet. As of July 19, the video of the match against Daigo Umehara received almost 80,000 hits on Niconico video sharing site[10]

Evolution 2009

For winning the US GameStop tournament, Justin started his Street Fighter IV competition as a seeded player in the semi-finals on July 18, which is the second day of Evo 2009. He beat 4 opponents and had to start the next day by playing against Daigo Umehara.[11] In the third and the last day, Daigo defeated Wong and put him into the Losers Bracket, then advanced to the grand finals just to meet Wong again. In the final showdown, Wong changed his character from Abel to Balrog (boxer, called M. Bison in Japan) to counter Daigo's signature Ryu. The two fought until the last game possible, but Justin lost the competition.[12] It was this point of the tournament that had more than 23,000 users viewing the stream broadcasting.[13]

Seasons Beatings IV

Justin joined a tournament called Seasons Beatings on October 16–18 in Columbus, Ohio.[14][15] He participated in the Street Fighter IV 3 on 3 on the second day with two teammates and won 1st place. There was an exhibition match between him and Daigo Umehara which he lost by two games to ten. For Street Fighter IV Singles, Justin, who this time chose to play Fei Long, won in the Winners Bracket's final against Daigo. He later lost to Daigo after Daigo bounced back from the Loser's Bracket.[16][17]

Justin in 2010Edit


Super Street Fighter IV launch party in Los Angeles

Justin went to Capcom's Super Street Fighter IV "Fight Club" launch party in Los Angeles on April 23[18]. The event ended with a 3-out-of-5 match[19], which had over 6,000 users viewing simultaneously on the live stream[20], between him (using Rufus) and Daigo (using Guile). They ended the evening with a double K.O.

Tournament placingsEdit

Marvel vs. Capcom 2Edit

  • B5 (2001) - 1st
  • Evolution (2002) - 1st
  • Evolution (2003) - 1st
  • Evolution (2004) - 1st
  • Evolution (2005) - 4th
  • Evolution (2006) - 1st
  • Evolution (2007) - 2nd
  • Evolution (2008) - 1st
  • Evolution (2009) - 2nd

Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeEdit

  • Evolution (2004) - 3rd
  • Evolution (2005) - 2nd
  • Evolution (2008) - 2nd
  • Evolution (2009) - 1st (team competition)

Street Fighter IVEdit

  • Gamestop Nationals 2009 - 1st
  • Evolution 2009 - 2nd
  • Devastation 2009 - 1st

Gameplay footageEdit

These videos document some key moments in Wong's career:

Some of Justin's Street Fighter matches can be viewed on his Official Website.

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