KTTC is the NBC-affiliated television station for Southeastern Minnesota and Northeastern Iowa. Licensed to Rochester, Minnesota, it broadcasts a high definition digital signal on VHF channel 10 from a transmitter in Ostrander, Minnesota near theFillmore and Mower County line. The station can also be seen in Iowa on Mediacom channel 10 (HD on digital channel 810) and in Minnesota on Charter channel 12 (with HD on digital channel 782). Owned by Quincy Newspapers, KTTC operates Fox affiliateKXLT-TV (owned by SagamoreHill Broadcasting) through a shared services agreement (SSA). The two share studios on Bandel Road Northwest along US 52 in Rochester.

300px-Kttc 2011135px-KTTC CW
Rochester/Austin, Minnesota-Mason City, Iowa
City of license Rochester
Branding KTTC (general)

NewsCenter Signal Hill CW (on DT2)

Slogan Expect Leadership
Channels Digital: 10 (VHF)Virtual: 10 (PSIP)
Subchannels 10.1 NBC10.2 The CW
Translators 50 W50DR-D (UHF)La Crosse, WI62 K62EV (UHF) Winona
Owner Quincy Newspapers

(KTTC Television, Inc.)

First air date July 14, 1953 [1]
Call letters' meaning Total Tri-State Coverage
Sister station(s) KXLT-TV
Former callsigns KROC-TV (1953-1976)
Former channel number(s) Analog:

10 (VHF, 1953-2009) 67 W67CH La Crosse 70 K70DR Blue Earth Digital: 36 (UHF, 2000-2009)

Former affiliations DuMont (1953-1955)CBS(1953-1956)ABC (1953-1956) [2]all secondary
Transmitter power 43.1 kW
Height 381 m
Facility ID 35678
Transmitter coordinates 43°34′14.9″N92°25′38.1″W

Syndicated programming on KTTC includes: Inside Edition, Steve Harvey , Judge Judy, The Doctors, and Mr Food . KTTC is unique in that it has two translators in a different market, the station can be seen on analog K62EC channel 62 in Winona (K62EC has a construction permit to air a low-powered digital signal on channel 43)and W50DR-D channel 50 licensed to La Crosse, Wisconsin. Both translators are located in the La Crosse and Eau Claire television market. WEAU in Eau Claire, WI is regarded the primary affiliate for that area because WEAU is the only station seen on satellite and most cable providers in those areas.

Digital programmingEdit

On KTTC-DT2, Mediacom channel 2, and Charter channel 7 is the area's CW. Known on-air as Signal Hill CW, it gets all of its programming from The CW Plus. "Signal Hill" denotes KTTC's studio location at the northern-most point of Rochester.

Channel Programming
10.1 main KTTC programming/NBC (HD)
10.2 KTTC-DT2 "Signal Hill CW" (SD)


On July 14, 1953 it signed-on as KROC-TV as the first station in Southern Minnesota and third in the state after KSTP-TV andWTCN-TV in the Twin Cities. Launched by G. David Gentling (son of KROC radio owner Gregory P. Gentling), it was sister to KROC radio (AM 1340 and FM 106.9). The station carried programming from all four commercial networks of the 1950s: ABC,CBS, and DuMont but was a primary NBC affiliate. [3] The family operation eventually became the Southern Minnesota Broadcasting Company.

In 1976 due to Federal Communications Commission (FCC) restrictions on ownership of multiple stations in a single market, this channel was purchased by Quincy Newspapers from Southern Minnesota Broadcasting. The call letters became KTTC. KTTC-DT began broadcasting on UHF channel 36 in September 2000. [4] It ceased analog broadcasting on VHF channel 10 at approximately 1:35 on the afternoon of February 17, 2009. [5] Later that afternoon, KTTC-DT commenced didigtal broadcasting on channel 10. [6] The station's pre-transition digital facility on channel 36 became the final post-transition facility for ABC affiliateKAAL. [7]

In 2001, the station entered into a shared services agreement with Fox affiliate KXLT which had been sold by Shockley Communications to Quincy. However, Shockley retained KXLT due to FCC restrictions on common ownership. As part of the arrangement, KTTC provides all technical support, promotions, commercial production, and master control for that channel. In the La Crosse area, KTTC analog translator W67CH channel 67 ceased broadcasting on November 4, 2009. [8] It was replaced with digital translator station W50DR-D which went on-the-air at 2:10 in the afternoon on October 14. [9]

News operationEdit

On Sunday, March 20, 2011, KTTC launched local newscasts in High Definition with the 10:00pm newscast. It is the first station in the area to do so. With the launch to HD came a brand new set and brand new high definition graphics.In addition to its main studi

220px-Kttc news 2011

News open.

os, KTTC operates an Austin Bureau on 8th Avenue Northwest. Although rival KAAL has most operations based in Austin, that station has a Rochester Bureau on Superior Drive Northwest where weeknight newscasts originate from. Technology to broadcast from two different studios has existed for several years and allows KAAL to better cover the Rochester side of the market. Due to KIMT's city of license being in Iowa, there has traditionally been a slight focus on that state compared with stations based in Minnesota. KTTC produces a half-hour prime time newscast Sunday through Friday nights for KXLT called Fox at 9. This originates from a secondary set and features separate news anchors that contribute to shows on KTTC. Additionally, it has a relationship with Charter in Olmsted County, Minnesota to provide local news updates on CNN Headline News. The channel operates its own weather radar at the main studios.

News/Station Presentation

Newscast Titles

  • KROC-TV News (1953-1962)</li>
  • The Night Report (1962-1968)</li>
      • News Night (1968-1970)
      • TV-10 News (1970-1971)
  • Area 10 News (1971-1973)</li>
  • KTTC Newsservice 10 (1973-1977)</li>
  • NewsCenter 10 (1977-1982)</li>
  • N'ewsWatch 10 (1982-1990) </li>
  • KTTC News 10 (1990-1997)</li>
  • KTTC NewsCenter 10 (1997-2007) </li>
  • KTTC NewsCenter (2007-present)</li>
  • ===Current Newscasts===</li>
  • NewsCENTER Today (5:30am-7:00am Monday-Friday)

    NewsCENTER at Noon (12:00pm-12:30pm Monday-Friday)

    NewsCENTER at Five (5:00pm-5:30pm Sunday-Friday)

    NewsCENTER at Six (6:00pm-6:30pm Monday-Saturday)

    Fox @ 9 (9:00pm-9:30pm on Fox 47 Sunday-Friday)

    NewsCENTER at Ten (10:00pm-10:35pm Sunday-Saturday)

    Station slogansEdit

    • "The Best to See is on Area 10" (early 1970s)
    • "Channel 10, Proud As A Peacock!"
    • "Covering All of Southern Minnesota" (1980s)
    • "Southern Minnesota's 24-Hour News Channel" (1990-1994)
    • "The Stars Are Back on Channel 10" (1993-1994; localized version of NBC ad campaign)
    • "Turn to the Leader" (1994-2003)
    • "The People You Know, The News You Trust" (2003–2011)
    • "Expect Leadership" (2011–present)

    News teamEdit

    NewsCENTER Today

    As of July 13, 2016

        • Niala Charles
          • Jacob Murphy
          • Jess Abrahamson
          • Ted Schmidt

    NewsCENTER at Noon

          • Jess Abrahamson
          • Ted Schmidt

    NewsCENTER at 5

    As of June 21, 2016

          • Alana Martella
          • Matt Benz

    NewsCENTER at 6 and 10

          • Alana Martella-News
          • Tom Overlie-News
          • Matt Benz-Weather
          • Pat Lund-Sports


          • Tori Bokios-News (Sun-Thu)
          • TBD-News (Fri)
          • Randy Brock-Weather (Mon-Fri)
          • Pat Lund-Sports (Mon-Fri)
          • Justin Mckee -Weather-(Sun)
          • Chris Barriere -Sports (Sun)

    NewsCENTER Weekends

          • Francisco Almenar-Dumur/Taj Simmons-News
          • Justin McKee-Weather
          • Chris Barriere-Sports


    • Dainel Wolfe - weekday mornings
          • Jess Abrahamson - weekday mornings and noon
          • Robin Wolfram- weeknights at 5, 6, and 10
          • Tom Overlie - weeknights at 6 and 10
          • Mary Mcguire- Sunday-Thursdays at 9 on FOX-47 KXLT
          • Alli Killam - Fridays at 9 on FOX-47 KXLT
          • Devin Bartolotta - weekends and reporter

    KTTC/FOX 47 Precision Weather Team

    • Randy Brock - Chief seen weeknights at 5, 6, 9 & 10
          • Ted Schmidt (NWA Seal of Approval) - weekday mornings and noon
          • Justin McKee - weekends (Saturdays at 6 and 10 , Sundays at 5 and 10)

    Sports (both seen on Sports Extra)

          • Pat Lund - Director seen weeknights at 6, 9, and 10
          • Zac Choate - weekends and sports reporter


    • Axel Gumbel - Content Manager and special projects
          • Katie Lange - Austin Bureau multimedia journalist
          • Howard Rosenthal - "Mr. Food" segment producer
          • John-Cletus Mueller - photographer
          • Chuck Sibley - Chief Photographer
          • Fanna Haile-Selassie
          • Chris Conte


          • Ben Van Nelson - NewsCenter Today
          • Danette Gunther - NewsCenter at 6 and 10
          • Peter Schuneman - NewsCenter at 5 and FOX@9

    Former staffEdit

          • Candice Grossklaus - morning/noon anchor (now as Candice Kelly at WBRE, Wilkes-Barre/Scranton, PA)[10]
          • Jeremiah Jacobsen - morning anchor (now at WINK-TV, Fort Myers, FL)[10]
          • Amy Kuns - 5 p.m. anchor/9 p.m. KXLT anchor
          • Jeff Oelrich - anchor (now as Jeff Olson at KARE, Minneapolis)[10]
          • Julianna Holfeld - anchor (now as Juliana Olson at KARE, Minneapolis.
          • Betsy Singer - anchor (now 5 p.m anchor at KAAL)[11]
          • Vivien Williams - anchor (now produces Mayo Clinic "Medical Edge")[10] Came back to KTTC in 2007 for six months to fill in Betsy Singers Position until the hiring of Rachel Wick.
          • Jamie Yuccas - anchor/reporter (now at WBBH, Fort Myers, FL)[10]
          • James Wilcox - reporter now anchor at KAAL
          • Bill Walsh - weekend sports anchor and news reporter now news anchor at WNEM-TV
          • Kendra Oestrich - reporter- left for KXLT to become main anchor, KXLT merged with KTTC then returned to KTTC
          • Jennifer Hoff - reporter
          • Lauren Hardie - reporter


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