Kaguya is a fictional character from the popular anime and manga series InuYasha.


Kaguya only appears in InuYasha the Movie 2: The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass as the main antagonist. She was trapped inside the Mirror of Life by Miroku's grandfather, Miyatsu. Fifty years passed, and Kanna and Kagura set her free by gathering the required items, Kohaku's swallow's cowrie shell, Kikyo's stone bowl of Buddah, the crystal from the dragon's neck, the jeweled sprig and InuYasha's cloth of the fire rat. To do this, she deceived Kagura by telling her that she would grant her desired freedom to her.

After being released, she captures Kagome and takes her to her Dream Castle with an intention to devour her and obtain her spiritual powers. This failed because InuYasha arrived and fought her. She managed to make him a full demon, but the process was interrupted when Kagome kissed him. Later, Naraku emerges from Kohaku's body and claims that he has known her. She was disgusted by his return and thought that he died. He corrects her by saying that he was dead and tries to absorb her into his body.

Kaguya met her demise after having her soul sucked into Miroku's Wind Tunnel.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

  • She can pull one of her barrettes from her hair and transform it into a blade, much similar to Kagura's feathers. Her blade shoots out a ball of fire.
  • She can feign the true princess's appearance.
  • Though not shown, it is said that she can devour others and use their power.
  • She can chant several spells with her mirror.
  • With her mirror, disintegrate incoming attacks, conjure long, twirling whips,used as spying.
  • She can control roots, summons dragons,summons voids that took Inu Yasha's backlash wave and threw it back at him in 4 different directions, and control another demonic will.

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