Kelbeam (ケルビム Kerubimu) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman Mebius.

Stats Edit

His height is around 44 metres tall. He weighs around 40,000 tons.

Kelbeam is a monster with a club tail and could breathe fireballs.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

Sent by Bogal, Kelbeam landed in Tokyo and attacked relentlessly. Wishing to see their new Maquette Monster in action, Miclas was sent by GUYS to fight the alien monster. However, Miclas was too scared to fight and Kelbeam beat him up and the down the city until Miclas returned to its capsule. Kelbeam left shortly after and fled into the sea to lay an egg. After Kelbeam returned, GUYS sent Miclas again to fight Kelbeam. This time Miclas gains enough courage to fight back against Kelbeam, but in the end it was Ultraman Mebius who destroyed Kelbeam, slicing the monster in half.

Later on in the series, the egg that the first Kelbeam laid in the sea hatches to create a new Kelbeam. After listening to radio waves originally created by GUYS HQ to control Maquette Monsters, Kelbeam surfaced attacking Ultraman Mebius and taking control of another monster who was attacking the test site: Earthtron. The two overpowered Mebius easily, all the while Kelbeam "boasting" to Earthtron about his strength and "directing" Earthtron how to fight. Once GUYS learned that Kelbeam was controlling the waves from the test device to control Earthtron. GUYS had no choice to destroy it, causing Earthtron to forget what it was doing now no longer under the control of Kelbeam. Frustrated without his control over the monster, Kelbeam attacked Earthtron and the two monsters fought. In the end, Ultraman Mebius destroys them both with the Medium Blade.

Ultraman Mebius Side Story: Armored Darkness Edit

This Monster reappeared in the short sequel to Ultraman Mebius.

Some time after Ultraman Mebius left Earth, several monsters began reappearing and causing havoc. Kelbeam was one of these monsters, (along with Saramandora, Roberuga, and Mukadender.) Miclas was sent to deal with Kelbeam. It is unknown what the outcome was as it is never seen in the special, but it is assumed Kelbeam was destroyed by Miclas.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Edit

This Monster reappeared in Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.

Kelbeam was seen in an open field where it was ambushed by an Earthtron in the area too. The two engaged in battle, at first it seemed Kelbeam had the upper hand as it launched its fireballs at Earthtron, downing the monster. However, Earthtron fained death and tore off Kelbeam's "ears." Earthtron then quickly destroyed Kelbeam with his Heat Ray.

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Edit

This Monster returned in the sequel series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey.

In this series, Kelbeam was owned by an Alien Guts to battle Rei (after Guts's Gomess was destroyed by Rei's Gomora.) Rei chose Miclas to test him out, but Miclas was confused and scared, being attacked by Kelbeam continuously. After some words of encouragement from Rei. Miclas fought back, tying up Kelbeam with his own tail. Miclas quickly pummeled Kelbeam into submission and finished off the monster by charging into Kelbeam. Kelbeam then accidentally fell back on his master. It is unknown if either Guts or Kelbeam survived, but neither were seen again afterwards.

Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie Edit

This Monster reappeared in the movie Mega Monster Battle: Ultra Galaxy Legend The Movie.

Kelbeam is one of Ultraman Belial's 100 Monster Army.

ja:ウルトラマンメビウスの登場怪獣#宇宙凶険怪獣 ケルビム

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