Keronia (ケロニア Keronia?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. Keronia appeared in Episodes 31.

Subtitle: Blood Sucking Plant (吸血植物 Kyūketsu Shokubutu?).

Ultraman Edit

Stats Edit

His height is around 50 Meters tall. He weighs around 10,000 Tons.


Keronia was a plant-like demon from South America that imitated a scientist named Gotoh to invade the city. One day, disguised as Gotoh, he came to the Science Patrol’s HQ, saying he‘d spent his entire life in South America. However, when the Patrol’s captain tried to light his pipe, the man appeared to somehow snuff out fires with his mind. He then showed strange insight into the building he shouldn’t know. Once sure no one was looking, he injected a vile of red liquid into his arm, then activated a special device. Two members of the patrol began to become suspicious of him, feeling something was wrong with him, and no X-rays were used on him during his examination. Suddenly, all their transmissions were jammed somehow and strange plants began growing elsewhere in the city. They soon discovered that 20 years ago, a walking plant that would paralyze animals and drink their blood that was related to the plant. They then discovered from the same scientist that Gotoh could not by 30 years as claimed, as he’d discovered Keronia 20 years before. Soon, back at the HQ, Keronia revealed himself to Fuji, paralyzing her in his room. However, Gotoh claimed to know nothing about how she was attacked, but was taken into custody. Afterwards, Hayata looked through his luggage, finding a strange plant inside it, having it analyzed, discovering it was from Keronia, who’d evolved greatly since his discovery years before, the species becoming more advanced than mankind. However, after a failed attempt to kill the scientist that discovered this fact, Keronia grew to gigantic size and attacked the city, claiming the age of man was over and his species would soon rule in their place as more Keronia came to attack the Earth in a huge invasion. Meanwhile, the military tried to destroy Keronia but their weapons were no match for the plant behemoth. However, soon mankind’s guardian, Ultraman stood up to face the plant tyrant. The two battled back and forth but Keronia attempted his paralyzing beams, only for Ultraman to catch it with his hands and fire back with his Specium Ray, only for Keronia’s armor to protect him. As the two behemoths fought back and forth, the Science Patrol fought with his army. Ultraman’s Color Timer began to blink and it appeared Keronia was unstoppable but Ultraman finally unleashed his Ultra Attack Ray. Keronia fell to his knees as Ultraman crossed his arms over his chest, causing Keronia to explode. Afterwards, the Ultra took flight, using his Specium Ray to obliterate the rest of the his species invasion, ending their threat for good.

Ultra Fight Edit

This Monster reappeared in Ultra Seven.

ja:ウルトラマンの登場怪獣#吸血植物 ケロニア

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