Kevin Keene is the titular main-character of the animated series Captain N: The Game Master.

In the pilot episode of the cartoon, Kevin is playing the NES when he and his dog (Duke) are sucked through their television set into Videoland, where NES games form their own worlds. In this world Kevin is endowed with his Zapper and power pad and becomes the leader of the N-Team, a group of local heroes composed of the video game characters Simon Belmont (of Castlevania), Mega Man, Kid Icarus (known in the game as "Pit"), Princess Lana, the heir to the throne of Videoland and in the show's second season, the mischievous Gameboy. His primary nemesis is Metroid's Mother Brain, assisted by Dr. Wily, King Hippo, the Eggplant Wizard, and occasionally other video game villains.

Kevin is often said to be a teenager, and though his age is never specified, he is suspected to be around 15 years of age (as per a "Nintendo Power" article that previewed the series), and that in one episode, he says he doesn't have his driver's license yet. He has brown hair and dresses in a white and red jacket with an N symbol on the left side of it (for Northridge High School, in Northridge, California) over a yellow T-shirt. He usually wears blue jeans and sneakers. He is a good leader, but occasionally clashes with the extremely vain and selfish Simon. He is often said to be the romantic interest of Lana, but due to the nature of the show they are never shown to have a very conclusive relationship. This is why Simon often tries to make Lana fall in love with him, but usually ends up embarrassing himself. In the second season Simon is less awkward and has grown to accept that Kevin and Lana would be a good couple. In the comic book version of the series, Kevin, Lana, and Kid Icarus (Pit) (Mega Man and Simon don't appear in the comic book version due to copyright issues) are joined by Samus Aran, the bounty hunter heroine of the Metroid series. Samus also develops a major crush on Kevin because of his bravery and knowledge as well as saving her life and wants him to join her as a bounty hunter; much to the silent jealousy of Lana.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Kevin's primary weapon is the Zapper, which he uses to dematerialize villainous characters. He also has a power pad (not to be confused with a Nintendo product of the same name), a device shaped like an original NES controller which gives him an array of special abilities when he presses the buttons on it. For instance, use of the D-pad allows him to move quickly sideways or jump extremely high. Pressing Select he is able to freeze everyone around him (this is actually reversed from most NES games where Start is usually used to pause the game). The overall function of the Power Pad however appears to depend on the whim of the writers.

Kevin also has an extensive knowledge of NES games which often helps him and his friends on their adventures. One game he was never able to beat is The Adventures of Bayou Billy, and thus needs Billy's help when he becomes stranded in Bayouland in one episode.

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