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Kevin Feng[1] was a contender on VH1’s The Pickup Artist (TV series) Season 2.[2]

After being coached by The asian playboy, JT Tran[3], Kevin now teaches students at the ABCs of Attraction’s boot camps, holistic methods for becoming better at social interaction with the opposite sex.[1] He works alongside The asian playboy, JT Tran[4][5][6], as well as several instructors and coaches such as Johnny Wolf[7][8], Gareth Jones, Andrew AKA Showtime, Ozzie AKA The Latino Gentleman and William AKA Man Cannon.[9]

He is known among others in the seduction community such as Mystery (pickup artist), Matador, Kezia Noble, Owen Cook and Adam Lyons.


Kevin become interested in pickups and after seeing an episode of MTV's The Pickup Artist (TV series), a show aimed towards helping young men unlucky in love. He realized this could be the turning point for him so he applied to become a contestant on the show, and was one of the players in Season 2 of The Pickup Artist (TV series).[1][10]

On the show, Kevin and the rest of the contenders were able to develop their pickup skills from some of the best in the business including Mystery (pickup artist), Metador[11][12] and J Dog.[13]. Kevin was eliminated from the show after the second episode.[14][15]

Kevin later came across JT Tran, The Asian Playboy, who won the title of the World’s Greatest Asian Pickup Artist in 2008[6] and signed up for one of his boot camps at ABCs of Attraction. While in training, Kevin learned a solid foundation for pickups.[3] A year later, he began teaching with ABCs of Attraction and now leads boot camps across the country as well as counseling clients on a one-to-one basis.[16][17]


Kevin teaches simple pickup methods that are meant to inform and yet not overload, and often uses his own experiences as his strategy. His goal is not only to help men learn how to approach and pick up women, but to also "shatter stereotypes people have about Asian masculinity".[3]

Kevin urges his students to work on their approach to anxiety and teaches them to concentrate on eliminating any mental clutter that is holding them back. Kevin specializes in helping students improve their self-image through work-out tips, weight management, and fashion advice and guides them towards achieving their goals for self-improvement.

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Kevin’s story is featured in the Toledo Blade [1] and News Guide.[3]

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