"Kill Yourself" is a Moon Man single produced by Real Lyncher and released to youtube on December 21, 2015. It is a remix of "Kill Yourself" by Pink Guy. The song urges the listener to commit suicide, celebrates killing minorities, and puts down feminists. This song appears as track 18 on Great White.

Lyrics Edit

Kill yourself Please, please Kill yourself You should really kill yourselves Kill yourself Please, please Kill yourself

You should really click click pow pow Niggers and spics Killing all niggers and shooting all spics I'm so fucking great like your mommy's vagina Her pussy is getting fucked by the whole of China

I got a message for those fucking jews You can start putting on your shoes And walk to the shower rooms I'ma stick my glock up your ass No lube, so whatcha gonna do? If you're a nigger, you're dead too

Feminazis getting mad in the comments Those fat bitches sweating They eat burgers and drink Diet Coke They say men are broke But in reality they choke Now I'ma tell a joke What started feminism? An unlocked kitchen door

You think your hate will affect me But I only laugh and drink some cold tea Dead nigger lies in the sewers, closing the hatch I joke about Holocaust and all that shit Finger on the trigger, I'm aiming at the nigger Shooting back and forth until I cap every mud-digger Go outside and steal a bike or something And get laughed at by Whites to remind you that you are nothing And then, get capped by every KKK member, or even me Your chicken nuggets flashes before your eyes Hey nigger, I got another surprise I mean a little advice, go get a job and earn some money And then jump, like a bunny, make yourself look funny But remember, whatever you do, I'ma find your ass And put a bullet or two

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