The Killer List of Videogames
Type of site Arcade game database
Owner International Arcade Museum
Created by
Launched 1991

The Killer List of Videogames (KLOV) is a web site devoted to cataloging arcade games past and present. It is the video game department of the International Arcade Museum. It is heavily accessed by collectors and fans the world over. It is by far the largest database of such information on the Internet. Though it has "videogame" in its name, the KLOV only lists arcade machines.


The KLOV has cabinet, control panel and marquee images, screenshots and even 3D models of the machine in some cases. Entries have machine technical information, a game description, cabinet information, lists cheats, tricks and bugs, discusses conversions and gameplay, lists trivia and fix information and discusses the game's legacy (such as sequels or similar games it inspired). Some entries even have the complete technical manual available for download.

The KLOV's entries are heavily weighted for classic arcade games: that is, games released during the Golden Age of Arcade Games. But most arcade games have an entry, though entries for newer games tend to be spotty. The more popular a game was, the more extensive the entry is likely to be.

The site features a "Machine of the Moment" and maintains a list of "The Top 100 Videogames".[1] The site also hosts message boards where collectors and fans can ask questions and get answers from experts. It also publishes news related to arcade games.


The KLOV started out as merely a text list back in 1991, when it was also known as the "Coin-Ops A Poppin'" list. It was posted regularly on the Usenet group

The KLOV was taken over by WebMagic in the early 2000s. The wiki-style information update system was replaced by a system where contributions are screened before being added. WebMagic retains copyright on all submissions.

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  • MobyGames, a similar project for consumer video games


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