Killer School Girls from Outer Space
Directed by Alexander Shumake
Produced by Bill Shumake
Written by Alexander Shumake
Starring Ron Jeremy
Jordan Brower
Ernest Banks
Cinematography Hua Liu
Distributed by Ari Star Entertainment
Release date(s) April 1, 2010
Running time 90 minutes
Country Flag of the United States.svg United States
Language English

Killer School Girls from Outer Space is 2010 American sci-fi film directed and directed by Alexander Shumake, and produced by Bill Shumake, his father, as the first feature production from their Austin, Texas based Angry Nun Productions.[1]


Kiler School Girls is the first film of Angry Nun Productions, a film company founded by Bill Shumake and his son Alexander Shumake.[2] The project was inspired by the Roger Corman style of film,[2] with director Shumake's biggest influences for the film being The Blob, The Giant Gila Monster, and Teenagers from Outer Space.[3] Shooting began July 2009 in Austin, Texas.[4] The film's DVD package will include a computer disk with tutorials covering the techniques, special effects, and processes used in the production.[2]


The film follows the adventures of Ben and Allison, two high-school teens who struggle to save their small town and the world from three killer school girls sent to destroy the earth's inhabitants.

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