"Killing Niggers" by Haseeb2 is a hidden track on Moon Man's WhiteTopia, performed by Haseeb2. It uses the same backing track as Moon Man's classic hit "Killing Niggers", the instrumental of "Ridin Spinners" by Three 6 Mafia, but Haseeb just rants over the music instead of rapping. Although Haseeb is known for presenting himself as an sjw, he shows his racist streak in this recording.

Lyrics Edit

Okay, the reason I'm doing this video is because I've come across this person, this nigger. Now, I find it profoundly annoying. You know, it makes me feel like beating the living shit out of him. You know, someone like this needs to have his ass kicked. I mean, people like him wind up getting murdered. So I'm not scared; I'm not scared enough to tell this loser-ass sack of shit what I think of him.

So I'm killing niggers So I'm killing niggers Killing niggers Killing niggers

Killing, uh, jews, killing kikes, and uh, gassing them. He's in the same camp as the Chimpmania people, and that people, that guy called Skim Washington. I don't think he's been posting any videos soon. I really don't give a damn, and I'll say it to his face, you sorry-ass piece of shit. Fucking nigger. I mean this nigger is beyond pathetic. This nigger is unemployable. So, I implore you, I implore you to put this nigger, you know, harass the living shit out of him. I very, I very seriously doubt if he has a job, or if he does have a job, he has a job picking up jews on the roadside somewhere. Fucking nigger.