"Killing Niggers" is a short Moon Man song produced by UBeenExploited, not to be confused with the other, classic Moon Man hit with the same title. The song is a straightforward nigger-killing anthem. It was released to youtube on October 29, 2015.

This song appears as track 41 on More Than One Way to Skin a Nigger.

Lyrics Edit

Hello, Moon Man here And I'm going to sing a song for all those White people out there That niggers are shit Niggers need to die already That's why I hang them in my backyard Then two days later I eat them You wanna know why? Because the type of nigga that'll type to niggas I operated my entire life I lived around the slavery times And I saw niggers being beaten And I loved watching that But I also love beating them Because it's healthy and nutritious They also have vitamins in it Like Vitamin K and Vitamin K and Vitamin K But the whole point of this song Is that niggers need to get the fuck out of here Because they look like fuckin' gorillas I hang niggers in front of McDonalds just for fun Then later I go to Walmart and I killed a nigger in the restroom That's right I kill niggers This is Moon Man saying this aka John And