King Cold (コルド大王, Korudo Da theō) is a character of Dragon Ball manga and anime series. He appears only in the second series, Dragon Ball Z. Is the tyrant Freezer's father and he resembles to this last to his first transformation.

In the OAVs he is attributed him a second child, Cooler, stronger than his/her parent.


King Cold was the most powerful being of the universe before the birth of his son Freezer, which yields him the control of the mercenaries army and the started empire for a long time by their dynasty.

After the clash among Freezer and Goku, on Namek planet, King Cold finds for pure case the dying body of his son among the deposits of the exploded planet; recovered him, he will do him reconstruct in cyborg form (Mecha Freezer) by the best technicians to his own service, increasing the powers. Together they will come on the Earth to take revenge some affront of the Super Saiyan; here, however, they will find to wait them Trunks, a boy come from the future that he transforms, with the surprise of everybody, in the legendary warrior Super Saiyan and he kills Freezer cutting him with his sword and destroying the pieces of him with an energetic attack. King Cold, in the desperate attempt to save him, he proposes to the Saiyan to become his adopted son, promising him in gift the most beautiful planets of the cosmos and receiving a negative answer. Maintaining the calm, he succeeds in taking, with the deceit, the sword of the young one and he tries to strike him. Trunks, however, shows superior of King Cold even if unarmed and he strikes killing the tyrant. Finally, the Saiyan pulverizes the body of the enemy and destroys the spaceship with which King Cold was landed, with th son, on the Earth. In this mode, come finally eliminate the most terrible and feared family of the space.

In the anime, King Cold will appear after the defeat of Cell, where he will know this last in the hell and will draw up to his service. With Cell, Freezer and his bunglers they will try to take the control of the zone, being defeated by the arrival of Goku and Paikuhan.


As for many other characters of Dragon Ball, the name of King Cold and his sons derives from a game of words, in fact their names are all somehow tied up to the cold.

Video gamesEdit

King Cold appears for the first time in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3.

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