"Kingpin" is a song that Moon Man recorded for WhiteTopia but that ultimately was not released with the album. It is a remix of "Who I Am (What's My Name?)" by Snoop Dogg. Haseeb2 opens the song with a single line.

Lyrics Edit

[Haseeb2] Moonman music

With a gun in my hand and a plan for my land You best step the fuck out of my way Before you go out in a blaze Don't step to me I'm the real raw deal Motherfucking real Moon OG And that's just the way we like it No way you negroes can fight it So back the fuck off my track And get the fuck off my back Before I slap you all upside the head And make you all wish that you were dead Triple K Mafia on this phat track Killing nigger hos addicted to crack It's the real fucking Moonman kicking down negroes Like Jackie Chan Get off my land Yeah, KKK Nigger, jews, I don't give a fuck Fresh out of luck When you see me, you best retreat So fucking take a seat And I'll play you off a little something neat Fuck yeah, I'm racist You have to face it The Whites are superior So take a hard look into the mirror You're all a bunch of butthurt faggots Sobbing over the dead niggers infested with maggots KKK, go my way It'll be okay We can roll over niggers and jews all day That's the pay Isn't it amazingly great? Boom And before your doom Moonman will return with yet another record soon I hope you enjoyed the last one we released on June

Wow wow yo yippee damn yippee yay Killing niggers, feminists, and jews all day Same old saga, never gets old Kill ya, screw society, and don't do what you're told That's my way, or the fucking highway As you like it, no point to fight it Ripping negroes to shreds while I choke them with their own rasta dreads Here come the feds For a thief in a badge and uniform I have no need So yell it with me

[nigger] Fuck the police!

Damn straight, when I kill negroes with grace And cap feminists in the face Before they can even reach their mace And leaving no trace for a cop to find When I kill a nigger and ace

This is the life of Moonman, baby Hope y'all enjoyed this little ditty But don't worry, it's not over, not yet Expect more Shoutout to the Triple K Mafia Peace

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