Kiyla (キーラ Kīra?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Ultraman. Kiyla appeared in Episodes 38.

Subtitle: Light and Heat Monster (光熱怪獣 Kōnetu Kaijū?).

Ultraman Edit

History Edit

While searching the planet of Kodon for life, a robotic camera came upon a huge eye that released a bright light into the lens. The people watching were blinded for a few minutes and soon after wards, the Science Patrol went to Kodon to see what had caused it. After fixing the crew of the space station that was orbiting the planet that was also hit by the flash, they decided to land on the planet where they witnessed a battle between Kiyla and Saigo. After being hit by Saigo's mist, Kiyla unleashed his blinding flashes which made Saigo flee for safety. Eventually, Saigo was destroyed by the Science Patrol.

As two of the members were fixing a capsule on the planet, Kiyla had discovered them and began to watch. The weapons fired did little effect but make the insect like monster angry and Kiyla blinded the attacker. In order to save Harashi's eyesight, they would have to destroy Kiyla who was blocking their way back to the rocket. Once again, this failed as the weapons only made the space monster angrier. Luckily, one of the members was able to hold Kiyla off as two the others got into the rocket. In order to secure their safety, Hayata transformed himself into Ultraman. The mighty insect was no match in hand to hand, but the insect soon used the flashes. As Ultraman was blinded, Kiyla was able to beat Ultraman down until his timer went off and not even the Specium Ray could break his exoskeleton. Ultraman soon used a new type of attack and levitated Kiyla into the air and caused him to explode.

Stats Edit

His height is around 40 Meters tall. He weighs around 20,000 Tons.

Ultra Fight Edit

This Monster reappeared in Ultra Fight.

In this series, Kiyla's appearance has changed moderately. His body, arms, and legs are covered with green stripes, his antenna are yellow and smaller than their original size. His eyes are also half-shut, making the alien appear as if he is sleepy.

ja:ウルトラマンの登場怪獣#光熱怪獣 キーラ

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