"Klansman" is a song that Moon Man recorded for his Confederate EP. It is a remix of "Over" by Drake, with the beat from "Confederate" ("Beamer Benz Or Bentley" by Lloyd Banks) coming in for the second verse.

Lyrics Edit

Yeah Moonman here with another rap Lynch a nigger Let's see how useful your big nostrils are when you're getting hung Cut off your tongue Slice and dice your lungs Ooga booga go back to Africa Go gangbang a gorilla in the jungle

You ugly porchmonkeys How 'bout you get off welfare and stop being a dumb nigger Let's see how you like it when I burn down your crack den Nasty nigger eating a hen's head Nigger I'll whip you dead Beat you some, European you (?)

Laugh while I gas a jew Dumb nigger tries to sue Bitch I'm a klansman With money in the bank Dumb niggers don't even got a bank account Walk up all on the Moon tough Nigger your night's gonna be rough 

Smack a nigger, shoot a nigger, gas a nigger Ugly landwhale feminists acting all tough I'll shank your--

Social justice warriors, your little strikes ain't stopping shit Punch a nigger's lights out, leave that nigger down in a ditch You dirty niggers, spics, and jews make me sick All my Klan know the Moon is sickkk

Nigger I'm coming back for the second verse, with the "Confederate" beat Nigger I'll pull out your teeth Shoot you up with a MAC-11 Let's see how tough you act when you have a gun to your head, you disgusting nigger

You'd better hope I don't pull the trigger Shake up a nigger baby, it's just a future nigger criminal Flick of the wrist? Let's see you flick your wrist when you have no wrists to flick