Kodaigon (コダイゴン Kodaigon?) is a fictional kaiju from the tokusatsu TV series, Return of Ultraman.Kodaigon appeared in Episodes 43.

Return of Ultraman Edit

His height is around 50 Meters tall and weighs around 38,000 Tons.

Kodaigon was originally nothing more than a samurai statue until Alien Grotes transformed it into a towering juggernaut. Teleported into a lake and rising from the depths, Kodaigon terrified the population. However, once its master got what he wanted, he sent the behemoth back to the depths. The next day, Kodaigon was awakened and sent on a rampage. MAT tried to fight back but the monster’s armor was too durable and it returned fire with its flames. Afterwards, the monster unleashed its fire on the village itself. As Ultraman Jack joined the fray, Grotes grew to giant size and joined forces with his monster, using him as a shield. Jack, however, pushed the monster back and made him collide with his master. Jack’s blows proved unable to even phase the giant, who summoned his sword and continued to attack. Even though Jack disarmed the massive giant, it still proved strong enough to manhandled him. But MAT joined back in, forcing Kodiagon to defend its master against their fire. Jack took advantage and bisected Grotes with the Ultra Bracelet, killing him. Its master dead, Kodaigon’s life force was extinguished and the once unstoppable juggernaut fell lifeless into the lake, moments later turning back into a statue, after which it was returned to the temple were it belonged.

Redman Edit

This Monster reappeared in Redman.

Ultraman Mebius Edit

This Monster reappeared in the series Ultraman Mebius. He was fighting Mebius.

Originally a small statue on display at an old man's shop, Kodaigon was exposed to a strange gas, that could bring life to objects, from a capsule that Assistant Director Toriyama had been entrusted with. Unfortunately, he dropped it over a river by accident. When he found it in the old man's shop, he dropped it again, and the gas brought Kodaigon to life. GUYS aircraft attacked it, but all their weapons bounced off his hide. He used his fishing hook to grab a hold of one of their aircraft, but it was shot off by another. While everyone was distracted by the fight, Mirai slipped out of sight, and transformed into Ultraman Mebius. Kodaigon has far too strong however. Mebius managed to steal his fishing pole and hit him with it, but it snapped, which only mad Kodaigon mad. The fiend proceeded to beat Mebius to the ground. Seemingly beat, Ultraman Hikari appeared out of nowhere to aid Mebius. but even two Ultras weren't enough, as Kodaigon sicked his fish on them, as well as continuing to beat the Ultramen with his mighty fists. Kodaigon, along with his fish, were seemingly unstoppable, until GUYS informed Mebius and Hikari that if they managed to crack a hole in him, the gas would leak out, and he'd return to normal. Both Ultras used their special beam attacks to blow a hole in Kodaigon's leg, and, with one last pose, the oddity returned to his former self; a small, harmles statue.


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