Kristogar Velo is a fictional character in the DC Comics multiverse.

Abin SurEdit

Kristogar Velo's relationship with Green Lantern Abin Sur is yet unclear. However, their meeting would have a lasting impression on Velo. Although his original homeworld is unknown, Fae'en became his new home. There, he took up the name "Green Lantern" in honor of Abin Sur, though not a member of the Green Lantern Corps. He soon became that world's only superhero.

Green LanternEdit

On Fae'en, an attacking starship threatened the populace. Green Lantern Lan Dibbux attempted to stop the invasion. Dibbux asked Hal Jordan to aide him, as he was still inexperienced. The people did not fear assuming Green Lantern would save them. This puzzled the members of the Corps because Fae'en was in a sector that had no Green Lantern for quite sometime.

Kristogar Velo soon appeared. His laser gauntlets were ineffective and the two GLC members were powerless against the starship's yellow hull. Lan Dibbux added the power of his ring supply Kristogar Velo's lasers with enough energy to amplify the his blast and save Fae'en. Velo thanked his newfound friends for their assistance without which Fae'en would have been devastated.


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