Kyle Alexander Brogan is a fictional character, a member and assumed leader of The True Ones, featured as one of the main characters in the Hatrack River online series, The Illusion. He was created originally by the writer known as "Ke'ak", and is currently written and maintained by the same.[1]

Born of the winter goddess, Wyntei, a mortal human father, Nathanial Brogan, Kyle was imbued with the attributes of a demi-god at birth. This natural ability to channel magical energies has allowed him the ability to absorb and control magical intelligence, most often through his weapons and tools. Kyle possesses the power to manipulate ice, as well as the ability to charge up his broadsword with electrical energy. Through a strange course of events, he is also able to transform his person into a golden hawk and back again, though the transformation often takes too much time to make the ability extremely worthwhile.[2]

He is an adept warrior, both in hand-to-hand and weapons combat, most often utilizing his skills with the sword, but also able to wield any number of other common hand weapons. He is admired also for his archery, horsemanship, and boomerang skills. His skills and heroics have helped to earn him the ominous nickname, "The Blue Blade Warrior."[3]

Early history Edit

Though accounts differ in respects to his origins, many of the facts have been confirmed throughout various accounts. Kyle was born as "Kyle Alexander Brogan", the second son of Nathanial Brogan, the king of the Alohan Kingdom, in 872 HKV. His mother was Wyntei, the goddess of winter in Illusionia, who fell in love with Nathanial after his remarkable skills on the battlefield, and the pureness of his heart as the ruler of his people.

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