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The sequel to the hit educational miniseries, La Catrina: El Secreto takes place in Spain. Due to contract disputes, Rogelio (Eason) is the only returning actor from the original La Catrina educational miniseries. Filming took place between September 1992 and December. The series was released to critical acclaim by both viewers and critics alike. The film was given several Goyas (Spanish Oscars), winning awards for Best Director, Best Educational Miniseries, Best Script, and Best Cinematography. The film is dedicated to Evangelina Sosa, who had a role in the series, but strangely never showed up for filming. She was filled in for by Bruce Willis, who was going through some financial trouble at the time. Willis didn't actually speak Spanish, and said all his lines in Latin.

La Catrina El Ultimo Secreto Episodio Uno: Donde esta la biblioteca

Alexa (Mila Kunis) and Jaimie (Willis) have grown up drastically, and Jaimie also briefly had cancer which is why she is now bald and also a man. Alexa is now a partner at a prestigious law firm, Miguel & Don. Jaimie is an accountant at Wells Fargo. One day, Alexa accidentally bumps into her old friend Jaimie, while trying to shelter her tax dollars at the Cayman Islands. Jamie is surprised Alexa doesn't recognize her. Alexa and Jamie reminisce about their time together at highschool. As previously mentioned, no actors from the previous miniseries appear, so all characters in the flashback are played by a contractually-obligated Bruce Willis. Alexa and Jamie look at each other, realizing that they have lost their deep and meaningful Spanish roots from their high school Spanish class. They decide to take a trip to Spain.

In the next scene, Don Silvestre is shown rising from the dead. He cocks a shotgun, blows a hole in his own casket, and climbs to freedom. He vows to seek revenge on Jamie, who humiliated him and took his fortune. He recruits Santana (the spy from the previous film, now played by Don Cheadle) to join his cause, and the two set out to find the man who originally betrayed them: Don Demetrio.

La Catrina El Ultimo Secreto Episodio Dos: No se

Alexa and Jaimie chat about what has happened to them since they left high school. Alexa asks Jamie how she likes her job. Jamie replies " Χριστός Ανέστη" (Christ has risen). Unfortunately, all the Latin Willis knew came from Sunday school. Alexa remarks that time has passed by so quickly, and eventually humanity will be nothing but dust. "Abstinentia" (Abstinence) replied Jamie. The plane experiences some turbulence, and a few passengers fall out. Alexa is sad that Jamie has lost her ability to speak Spanish, and Jamie is sad that Alexa is speaking garbled jumblewords. Because of this, Jamie believes that Alexa is an invalid, and needs to go home. The plane lands, and at the airport, they stumble into Rogelio. Jamie and Alexa remark on what a coincidence it is, but Rogelio explains that he's been following them for the past 10 years. Jamie remarks that Christ has risen, and Alexa worries that Jamie has joined a cult. Rogelio offers to let them stay at his house, and they accept. Rogelio explains that he has become very wealthy by selling yogurt. Alexa finds this odd, but Jamie (Willis) pretends to understand everything he is saying. By the end of this scene. all the clothes (that had been designed for Sosa) had been accidentally ripped by Willis. It is for this reason that by the end of this scene, Jamie wears a large bed sheet over her head instead of clothes. Many viewers have questioned if Willis wore clothes under the bed sheet, leading to some controversy. Jamie's unconventional style of dress continues from this point onward.

Meanwhile, Don Silvestre has bought a leather jacket and a Harley. Santana still wears glasses inside, believing himself to be Cyclops from the Fantastic Four. The two are having trouble locating Don Demetrio, and go to the library, hoping to find information. However, once they arrive, they find Don Demetrio working as the librarian. They question him as to the location of the will of La Catrina, but Demetrio tells them he doesn't know where it is. Silvestre gets angry, and starts a bath. Demetrio, horrified at how much water a bath wastes, tells Silvestre that the will is located at the First Miguel Bank. Silvestre takes the bath anyway, and Demetrio can't believe that Silvestre isn't taking a shower, which uses only one-third the water. Santana remarks that it is so dark, he needs his sunglasses to see the sun. He then urges Don Silvestre to stop his quest for revenge, however Silvestre plugs his ears and tells Santana he can't hear him.

La Catrina El Ultimo Secreto Episodio Tres: Que hora sera?

Jamie (Willis) is surprised to learn that everyone in Mexico speaks the same type of jumblewords as Alexa. She starts to believe that everyone in Mexico is clinically insane. A white tourist (Rick Santorum) visiting Mexico can't believe the amount of illegal immigrants there are. Santorum later stated that he "didn't know he was being filmed", The two go shopping, and buy some of Rogelio's yogurt. However, once they open up the yogurt package, they find meth. Jaimie, believing that the meth is a unique Mexican dish, eats it. She remarks that it melts in her mouth like cotton candy. The two confront Rogelio about the meth in his yogurt, and he is surprised that anyone actually bought his crappy yogurt. Rogelio explains that he put his life savings into Rogelio's Laxative Yogurts (Trademarked), but that the yogurt was 98% ground-up laxative, and 2% milk. This was due to the fact that Rogelio thought he was selling laxatives, however accidentally sold yogurt instead. Alexa explains that Rogelio dug himself into a financial hole with shoddy accounting, bad management skills, and poor business practices. While she explains, Jaimie (Willis) is in the bathroom screaming. As a method actor, Willis had taken plenty of laxatives before the scene in order to prepare himself. The scene ends with a montage of laxative-induced pooping, set to Michael Jackson's Thriller. When the educational movie series was in theaters, the montage was met with uproarious applause.

Meanwhile, Don Silvestre is having some trouble of his own. Felipe (Broderick) has started working for Mexican Intelligence, and has finally caught up to Silvestre at a gas station. He explains that Silvestre is wanted on 5 counts of corn-poisoning, 42 counts of corn tax-evasion, and 5634 counts of negligent homicide. Silvestre explains that Felipe can't stop him, as Silvestre is not really alive, but a spirit possessing his own dead corpse. He gets back on his Harley, and rides off. Felipe decides not to pursue, since he only has a day left until retirement. Santana walks out of the bathroom, and is surprised to find Silvestre gone. He concludes that the aliens have finally got him, and shakes his fist at the sky.

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