Lance Casey
Rank: 1st Lieutenant
Callsign: N/A
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Home planet: Unknown
Affiliation: Terran Confederation
First Appeared: Wing Commander: Prophecy

Lance Casey is a fictional character in the computer game series Wing Commander. Casey flys under the Confederation Space Force and makes his first appearance the Wing Commander: Prophecy. Casey is played by actor Steven Petrarca.

Personal biographyEdit

In the fictional Wing Commander universe, Lance Casey was the son of Michael "Iceman" Casey. Lance's early career is quite undistinguished. His main extracurricular activities during high school were sports. After attending high school, Lance took a couple of years off, living at home assisting his mother with the spaceport diner she had recently bought. Later, Casey applied and was accepted into the Terran Confederation Space Forces.

During his career in the Confederation, Casey proved to be natural pilot like his father. The only exception was that Lance was brash, which earned him a large collection of demerits. After graduation, Lance was assigned escort duty, escorting ambassadors and diplomats in fast transports. Casey got in to mischief between missions and narrowly avoided career-ending charges several times. Lance was being watched by Senator James Taggart, a friend of his father's, who influenced a transfer for Casey on to the TCS Midway, hoping that military discipline would solve the problems.

In Wing Commander: Prophecy, Lance was transferred to the TCS Midway along with his friend Maxwell "Maestro" Garrett. Soon after Casey's arrival on the Midway, the Nephilim attacked the Midway and Casey played a large role in defeating the alien forces and destroying their wormhole. In a few short months, Casey was promoted to 1st Lieutenant and had earned the Confederation Flying Cross and a Silver star. He even rose to become a member of the top Wolf Pack Squadron.

Following the initial Nephilim threat, 1st LT. Lance Casey was assigned and transferred to the Special Operations division, operating on the Hades-class Quick Strike Cruiser; TCS Cerberus, where again he played a large role in quelling Nephilim attacks.

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