"Land of Dirty Water" is a Moon Man song produced by ohjhonny that appears as track 4 on the Late Night Attack EP. It is a remix of "Two" by Ratatat. The song focuses on Moon Man's hatred of illegal immigrants from Mexico.

Lyrics Edit

We have many problems in the US And you'd be hard-pressed To find a person not angry with the Beaner Express So today I will address This important matter Everyday the record is shattered For the amount of dirty spics that scatter Across our homeland So next time you see a man who's tan And working the enchilada stand You have to throw him out by hand

Returning you to Mexico, Javier You've gotta go back, Paco Returning you to Mexico, Javier You've gotta go back, Paco

And despite me being a literal motherfucker I wouldn't touch your mom's taco That shit looks like a rotten horse And of course It's the #1 source of illegals So I must beat her And throw her back across the border Because it's mental disorder To get horny around that hairy beast Her snatch looks diseased Entire body is greased And dripping yeast It doesn't arouse me the very least Go back to your land of dirty water Where the temperature is hotter And drug cartels slaughter Pieces of shit like for lunch Get the hunch And haul your ass back to Mexico Thanks a bunch

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